Part Of A Bigger Plan: The Concept Is Revisited (Part Five)

On this Sunday morning or actually any time you can catch us putting work in. 

This is all part of a bigger plan, that Brotha O-Zone? somebody will understand this breakbeat scientific work we’re putting in!

Diligence exhibited in this ongoing spiritual warfare, breakbeat scientific methods utilized when we jettison the wicked!

Efficacious with blazing glory! dropping the beat plus using this good word to tell the story when we kick it..

..or when we kick them and those to the curb; interlopers? they came in when the tide is high.

Stopped at the entrance, refusing to let the arch nemesis on the premises! I asked them, but, but why?

Check this out at Part Of A Bigger Plan: The Concept Is Revisited (Part Five)


DJ Shadow – Essential Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Throwback Thursday; it’s going down like this!!

Digging deep in the crates, we go back and move forward!! my constituents will see what the deal is..

They’ll see what the real is; naysayers will say I’m insubordinate like James Comey..

Maybe somebody will feel this, but players know the sport can get ugly!! they say the game is like that homie!!

Others ask me, what’s up homie? I told them we’re checking out DJ Shadow ‎– with the classic Essential Mix from BBC Radio One ‘recorded on March 30th 2003; check out the playlist and the mix…

Source: THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: DJ Shadow – Essential Mix