Donny Hathaway – Someday We’ll All Be Free

Sunday Jazz Continues as a cool Sunday afternoon in Atlanta transitions into a Sunday night; we’re still out here trying to get it right. 

The saga / struggle continues as we drop a tune or two, along with this breakbeat scientific insight. 

Staying in flight, intergalactic with it but also local  / national and international.

Alright? we’re out here putting it down like this even though naysayers will claim we’re acting irrational.

Check the flow as we come through with this classic soul jazz track from Donny Hathaway called Someday We’ll All Be Free!

Check out the players and the track!! this is a reload check us out as we go into soul jazz mode! check the message in the music, y’all should be able to see what the deal will be!!

Check this out at Donny Hathaway – Someday We’ll All Be Free


Joe Thomas ‎– Get In The Wind

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday afternoon; sometimes I have an Afternoon Jazz set going..

Following in those footsteps, maybe later on O-Dog Day Party with the two steps!! no telling how it’ll be going!!

Reality already has us coming and going per this Covid 19 thing who’s asymptomatic? plus police brutality is exposing systematic racism per these George Floyd protests..

…following Breonna Taylor / Ahmaud Arbery episodes, check the chain reaction!! black lives matter!!  worldwide? those in pain are reacting, the best?

…oh yes!! the best way they know how, Melania Trump said be best but how? her spouse will arouse the worst response..

Oh yes!! the best we know how? beats will bump per this track by flutist Joe Thomas called, Get In The Wind, as that is what we’ll do my friend!! still out here in these Atlanta streets!! in the meantime and between time  check out the players and the track; it’s on!!

Joe Thomas – Mr Mumbles

Sunday Jazz Continues!!  we’re still putting work in, more than Trump showing leadership fighting the coronavirus pandemic…

He’s just running his mouth making accusations meanwhile we’re rocking the nation with this sound, plus these mathematics..

….running their mouth like these fanatics protesting the coronavirus lockdown?   naw!! but jokers are surprised by us when we rock the sound..

We kept on running in the midst of the madness!! the hustle?  it didn’t surprise us that the system would knock it but we still get down..

Oh yes!! we still get down, listening to this jazz funk from Joe Thomas with a track called Mr Mumbles

Oh yes!! we still get down!! check out the players and the track as snares hit and the bass rumbles!!