After the rain ‘ Jazz HipHop – Pabzzz Selection

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday; my motto? let the music play!!

The saga / struggle continues, even on a so called Cyber Monday; it’s rough out here!! per the old school Baptist preacher? let us pray!!

..then  keep it moving / grooving, hyper due to the excitement!! astrologers said it’s because of the Jupiter / Sun conjunction in Sagittarius…

O-Zone? I’m intergalactic like the NASA InSight lander touching down on Mars which is squaring the above mentioned conjunction while in Pisces; now check out this and that crisis as jokers act nefarious…

Danger zone manipulations by fanatics will have you running for cover like  migrant caravan participants dodging the tear gas; the reign of terror is heavy!!

Per Trump? the climate has changed in more ways than one!! participants in the reign got off the train like Mia Love; it’s heavy!!

Beats bump in the meantime and between time!! reminded of the back in the day  reign when I rolled in /  loved the Chevy Impala with the speakers booming that 90’s hip hop!!  these days I listen to jazz..

Beats bump this time per of day per this After the rain ‘ Jazz HipHop – Pabzzz Selection, courtesy of LTB Music!!  check out the playlist and the sound!! this can be purchased at the below links; you’ll be chilling, that way you won’t have to spaz!!

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Tracklist :

1 Pabzzz – Serenade

2 Pabzzz – Another love song

3 Pabzzz – Calm Down

4 Pabzzz – Heartbeat

5 Pabzzz – Delicious

6 Pabzzz – One way Love

7 Pabzzz – Midnight Sun feat Saadiya

8 Pabzzz – After the rain

9 Pabzzz – Feelings

10 Pabzzz – Day and Night

11 Pabzzz – Springtime

12 Pabzzz – Flowers

13 Pabzzz – Night groove

14 Pabzzz – Mystery Lady

15 Pabzzz – Teardrops

16 Pabzzz – Knock Out

17 Pabzzz – The End



Reality Divorces

A restraining order was issued;  it was due to irreconcilable differences.

Maintaining is the order of the day as we try to reconcile these debatable circumstances.

Being built or torn down?  damn it!! please!! it might be a little of both.

Still feeling the scorn from society;  reality divorces were an option but I keep rocking!!  O-Zone is cut from a different cloth.

I was drinking a different broth;  might have been a Red Bull energy drink or Italian Blend Coffee from the Quik Trip.

From the one on Wesley Chapel in Decatur;  not up in Ferguson dealing with a hater per Darren Wilson trying to trip.

..Or like his cousin George Zimmerman terrorizing  Florida without repercussions;  how’s it working son ?

Gangsters out for a fast buck are flim-flamming them and those with irrelevant discussions; the Pope said watch your mouth like Pops said;  you heard son?

O-Dizzle is using this good word and percussions; I’m trying to slip or slide through the portal; but some say it’s a reality divorce.

Is that the dizzle? naw man!!  this is no elaborate fantasy even though Mars Is In Pisces raising its voice.

The reign began with a drizzle; but the void is filled after a bruh chilled;  now dealing with this crisis out here in the grey area.

No reality divorces!!  this is the real deal Holyfield!!  were in the midst of the mass hysteria.


Grey Area Scenarios PT.5 (Foggy Day In Atlanta)

It’s going down;  its a foggy / cloudy day in Atlanta as I write this.

It’s going down; check the Grey Area Scenarios;  coinciding with Mars entering Pisces.

Coinciding with ISIS hitting up CENTCOM? please!!  this is not a sit-com!!  it’s no joke.

During the ongoing crisis?  no  Interview is conducted!!  per Sony hacks North Korea will go for broke.

During the ongoing crisis? O-Dog is on those funky tracks!!  broken beats and English will be the essence of this discipline.

It’s the rebuttal to the ongoing smoke and mirrors show; check the grey area scenarios!!  as we show charlatans how we’re living.

Chilling in Charlotte as my cousin rocks the towel over his head like Cam Newton as he watched the Panthers get beat.

Switched to plan B;  rocking a Broncos helmet and jersey as they got beat!!

It *ain’t nothing nice*  or sweet during the ongoing smoke and mirror show.

We put it down like this!!  at the end of the day?  we go for what we know.

We put it down like this!! we didn’t let this foggy day in Atlanta slow us down!!

Breakbeat scientific businesss will still get handled; it’s going down!!