The Battle Cry Is Still Used: Lord Help! Lord Help! PT.10

On this last Sunday morning  / day of May 2020? The Battle Cry Is Still Used: Lord Help! Lord Help!  heard in the midst of this spiritual warfare

May Day!! May Day!! we started the month off in a state of emergency!! we had to weaponize the sound in the midst of this spiritual warfare

We see how they’ll play, those that are uncouth won’t work with you and me!! nationwide? check out the protests concerning the George Floyd death…

…not to mention others like Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery! my people are feeling some kind of way!!  already stressed out by the coronavirus pandemic and the various repercussions affecting mental / spiritual and physical health..

Capitalists are just worried about the wealth, damn!! protesters will need to get tested for coronavirus after all this?

The Battle Cry Is Still Used: Lord Help! Lord Help! in the midst of this madness that should be what the strategy is!!

Check this out at The Battle Cry Is Still Used: Lord Help! Lord Help! PT.10


Funky Disco House By Cole 2020 (Player)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday; retro – futuristic is how this work will be…

…taking it back to the future,  internal and external injuries due to the time traveling in need of a suture, so who’ll work with me?

Mystery unraveling while carrying the sword of truth, no need for Trump fact checking like Twitter..

Ain’t that a shame“; sorry,  but it’s easy to be caught up in the system / matrix / game, soon bitter!!

Realizing that it’s all game!! back in Louisville / Newburg Mr Cole warned me but this player /  “don’t stop get it getter” keeps it moving..

O-Dog Day Partying not out here selling out like Mark Zuckerberg, not rolling like that!! listening to this Funky Disco House By Cole 2020 (Player); check out the playlist and the mix as we keep grooving!!

01. Crazibiza – So in Love (House of Prayers Remix)

02. Crazibiza – Over You (Original Mix)

03. Block & Crown, The Giver – Jackin’ Cola

04. Phats & Small – Turn Around (Hey What’s Wrong With You) (Babert Remix)

05. Ivan Kay – Cuba Cuba

06. Crazibiza – Freak Like (Original Mix)

07. Rick Marshall – Time To Let Go

08. Block & Crown, Marc Rousso – I Want To Thank You (Clubmix)

09. Daniele Mistretta – Show Me The Way (Original Mix)

10. French La Touche – C’mon Get Up (The Fabulous Joker Remix)

11. ATFC feat. Inaya Day – Reach Out To Me (Mike Newman & Antoine Cortez Remix)

12. Sean Finn, DJ Wady, Moondark – Pasilda (Original Mix)

Extraordinary PT.7 (The Return Engagement)

Your dude is staying busy; extraordinary with it!!  like Mark Zuckerberg on Capitol Hill being questioned I’m out here doing the mathematics.

The attitude is rude according to the consensus!! was it my Louisville / Newburg default settings? naw!!  it’s because my constituents have no leverage.

Like Michael Cohen paying off Stormy Daniels for Trump what were the terms of engagement? I was enraged by itl!! the law of averages caught up with some!!  of course there’s  no maximum coverage when the drama went down.

We kept it moving, business we’ll handle per this return engagement!! some saw the due diligence shown;  once again it’s on!!  it’s going down!!

Extraordinary with it!! please!! I know, I know; this might be borderline belligerence but I wasn’t playing with them /  I wasn’t fooling with them.

Extraordinary with it!! please!! I was praying for them though,  and  per this breakbeat science?  sometimes schooling them.

…That’s when they’re listening; unless they’re meddling / data mining like Cambridge Analytica on Facebook?  they usually aren’t checking for me.

Like  Syria and their chemical attacks they said I was acting extra!! taking it to the bridge when it wasn’t necessary!!

Mass hysteria? chilling in attack zones will bring that but we’ll still put it down due to being extraordinary;  blessed with this.

Mass hysteria? oh yes, check the scenario!! corrupt ones want to see us out there stressed with this.

History repeating / purpose defeating? that’s not what’s up!! we’re not trying to get caught out there like Floyd Mayweathers bodyguard down here in Atlanta…

History repeating / purpose defeating? that’s not what’s up!! we’re extraordinary with it!! word from this specialist!! broadcasting live from the inclement weather down here in Atlanta