The Mission Statement…Funk Is Dropped

Funk is dropped; but that’s our mission!!! old girl from the old school will start spraying Lysol!

You know the deal!!  O-Dizzle cosmic slopped like school and relics…its the Sonic Assault !! spraying those that got foul with y’all!

Haters want to see us fall like Libya…remind me of Sinister Bar Sinister!

Talking about I’m gonna get you next time!!  after we win!

A starter and a finisher!! wearing an old school Washington Bullets Starter cap; Chocolate City representative?

Pulling a caper like Marion Barry?  then gaining redemption..whose acting tentative?  there’s no exemption for that!

ATL another Chocolate City?  little homie told me I need to keep it pimping player!!!  I need to go all out for that!

Out in the street there’s no’s a long war like Gaddafi says …plus its like that in the government and corporate world;  but some will fall for that!

Dont let me catch you out in these streets were the instructions given to Gus or Herb!

Thought they were latching on to stars in the galaxy; ..but it was the okey doke per the word on the curb!

Plus dude thought he was rolling like Peaches and Herb, Ashford and Simpson or maybe Jay and Beyonce!

Materials were found to be hazardous;  like the food contaminated in Japan…what will the response be?

Spiritual significance in this operation…but first responders will be on the case…but it was a set up!

Our response was with the Sonic Assault!!! these brothas can’t let up!

Wise to the set up!! what’s the deal?  the saga /struggle continues.

Work was put in up in souls kitchen…check out our mission… the good word and brand new funk is on these menus.