Johnny M – Chill Horizons 01 | Deluxe Chill and Downtempo Relaxing Music |…

Digital Crate Digging Continues, check it out!! this is another Throwback Thursday edition…

By now? “y’all should know how we do” ; retro – futuristic? that’s the business! at the moment this is  how I’m living..

Burned rubber earlier “straight out the gate”; O-Dog Day Partying earlier,now we’ve got other work to do, taking it down a thousand…

Burned by another?  filing lawsuits like Texas joined by Trump and others with a coup or sedition on their minds; supposedly a caste of thousands..

…actually millions, brainwashed minions; beats bump in this dominion plus this good word is dropped as we chill out!! listening to Johnny M– Chill Horizons 01 | Deluxe Chill & Downtempo Relaxing Music | M-Sol Records

Cold chilling in the midst of the madness!! check out the playlist and the mix as we move into this Afternoon Jazz set, setting records!!

Check this out at Johnny M – Chill Horizons 01 | Deluxe Chill & Downtempo Relaxing Music |..

Paulo Arruda – Lounge Collection 16 | May 2018

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this segment I like to call the Friday Night Fever…

Flashback Friday / New Music Friday tendencies were also exhibited by this over achiever..

Let the music play? oh yes, you’ve heard me mention that as being  my motto….

Let the music play!!  after a rough week I’m in the lab chilling / lounging like I’ve hit the sonic lotto..

Chilling / lounging in the spot, listening to the Paulo Arruda – Lounge Collection 16 | May 2018

Chilling / lounging in the spot!! check out the playlist and the mix!! a dude is relaxing to the music that’s playing..

Lounge Collection 16 by Paulo Arruda * * * * * * TRACKLIST * * * * * *

01 Mahoroba – heavens flow – secrets air cut

02 Anibal Morais Ferreira – HipHop

03 Marc Hartman – Spirits (feat. Airily)

04 Anibal Morais Ferreira – Forb

05 Marc Hartman – My Morning Sun

06 Malkou – Chateau De Vincennes

07 Lemongrass – Not The End (feat. Jane Maximova)

08 Groove Gauchos – The Bossa Saloon (Laid Back Mix)

09 Vladi Strecker – midnight ocean (smooth night mix)

10 DJ Maretimo – cafe internacional (Jazzy James Junior slowjam mix)

11 Vladi Strecker – Pure Water (Over the Blue Mix)