All Aspects Are Covered

So whats up? damn!! things are hectic / chaotic…I can see things are crazy on so many levels!

The corrupt were still handling business…doing what they do!! we’ll have to deal with so many devils!

So whats up?  a brotha is trying to hold it down…Doing What I Do!! but jokers try to sabotage my operations like Republicans did!

So whats up?  another will undermine authority;  soon were subject to the authority! nobody was showing any love!

Jokers push and shove like under NBA the boxing gloves are worn by Marvin Hagler or Muhammad Ali  or even Manny Pacquiao types!

O-Dizzle is rocking!! not haggling with another about his freedom? …please!! you know Public Enemy said don’t believe these hypes!

O-Zone types these good words into the Samsung phone…every now and then the loose leaf is hit up with the black ink pen!

Danger zones are ripe with strangefruit…I told shorty not a damn thing has changed!!  that’s what this black man is thinking!

So whats up?  clones wander through the territory! but not everbody was impressed by the deals made Israelis concerning Iran’s Nuclear Program…

So whats up?  drones wander through the territory like it was Pakistan!  so whats up man? whatcha knowing?

The corrupt were still handling business….all aspects were covered…local national international and even intergalactic…

Whats up with us?  were still handling business before it handles us….its of the breakbeat scientific variety…thats the essence of this discipline..all aspects were covered….as we rebuke a fanatic…







Its Kicking Like Jackie Chan In Rush Hour

Taking a look at it….its on and popping!!  its kicking like Jackie Chan was in Rush Hour! 

Opponents are dropping like citizens in Syria; keeping the devil under my Timberland boots….whats up man?  others were snoking and joking like Chris Tucker in Rush Hour! 

They’re on another level; smoked out or drunk off of brown Kentucky liquor…even high off the bath salts… crushed during the fireshower when the system did the drive by! 

I spotted another devil from a million light years away like I had a black hole telescope;  Louisville / Newburg raised me that way!!  with BeeGee methods and techniques to stay alive by! 

Meanwhile I do a spiritual drive by; I circle the block in the hooptie dropping this breakbeat science!

O-Dizzle…aka O-Dog..aka O-Dot’s drums are kicking like Jackie Chan!!  he’s going off on them!! while O-Zone waxs poetic about matters that will break my folks minds….check the rest of this article at   THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Its Kicking Like Jackie Chan In Rush Hour.

Here We Go Again…The Saga / Struggle Continues

The emergency broadcast system said this is a test and only a test; so how will we respond to situations? 

Who will work with me? like Romney said Obama is out of touch…I face accusations… so called authority figures said they will monitor situations! 

They’re plotting / scheming;  instigations are meant to take some under! 

Fabrics are rotting..tattered / falling apart;  whose seeking shelter from the rain, lightning, and thunder?
Back with this like the OK City Thunder …..were running and gunning!

Back with this…like the Miami Heat back in the NBA Finals…some celebrate like Kool and The Gang….Let The Music Play per Barry White; meanwhile O-Dizzle has the funky drummer drumming!  check out the rest of this article at THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Here We Go Again…The Saga / Struggle Continues.