The I-20 Chronicles (A Flashback Friday / Fabulous Friday Edition)

The saga / struggle continues! we’re still out here making escapades up and down I-20 in Atlanta! 

At the moment broadcasting live from our remote outpost but the science dropped is relevant from coast to coast; actually the fronts are  local / national / international and intergalactic; somebody will understand a brotha!

The O-Dog mix mentioned being way way out there, blinded by the naked light? no! per Flashback Friday old school Ray Ban glasses utilized.

Blinded by the light per Manfred Mann’s Earth Band? naw man, I’m light years away from earth, intergalactic! the spaceship cruises / rides.

I-20 in Atlanta is the launching pad, through the galaxy we’ll get rad! Per CDC COVID 19 guidelines we’ll stay away so the curve will flatten!

Per pundits in the newsroom? some say the pandemic is over with but per a new Omicron sub-variant others mentioned gloom / doom! but in a flash? some will play it like LTD and Jeffrey Osborne in reference to Valentines Day; love? they’re back in!

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Funkstar De Luxe – Blinded By The Light (Lenny Ibizarre’s Chill Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday; the saga / struggle continues,  your dude is feeling some kind of way…

All up in the spot checking these menus, soon a brotha will rock these venues; the motto? let the music play!!

Let us pray as January comes to a close; weird energy reveals the devil will oppose, 2020 has been a rough year so far..

Kobe Bryant has passed way, my dude Dave Cee aka Young Nitt aka Nitt Pitino has passed away; may they rest in peace / power / paradise; 2020?  “it ain’t nothing nice” / it’s been a rough year so far!!

Knowing some are defiant as God’s will is done, some are slick like the GOP supporting Trump during the impeachment trial..

Going on!! riding for it!! it’s not odd they’ll we’ll continue riding for freedom!! meanwhile the sport will flip check the losing streak / slump!! teaching some the sport is complex / foul..

Check the style; Blinded By The Light per Manfred Mann’s Earth Band?it’s that how it’s working?

Check the style; Blinded By The Light per Funkstar De Luxe (Lenny Ibizarre’s Chill Mix) check how it’s working!!

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Beanfield – Planetary Deadlock (Richard Dorfmeister’s Belvedere Dub)

Sunday Jazz Continues on this Sunday evening, as we wind things down trying to get our minds right…

Next week will be the first full workweek of 2020, word in the wind  type of whispers led to the  20 /20 hindsight..

Not blinded by the lights like Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, I was rocking dark glasses..

My kind? the mothership landed us on this earth, understanding what’s it all worth after attending dark classes..

Now find a brotha getting scientific on local, national, international and intergalactic scenes letting the masses know; Beanfield mentioned a Planetary Deadlock 

This is the Richard Dorfmeister’s Belvedere Dub, jokers act irrational in the brotherhood of man /  club now things are at a stand still, a deadlock..

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