All Hands On Deck..Due To The Hot Mess / Hazardous Material

They said its a state of emergency!! it was  like Russia rolling up on the Ukraine!!  now its AHOD!

AKA All hands on deck is the catch phrase!!  I even felt the pressure!!  its hard to be at ease!

Whats up?  please!! I’m back in the lab working on material some consider hazardous..its  after chilling out outback on the deck…and that’s after I-20 escapades!

I’m not through dealing out here!! check the sonic smash and grab..a brotha is out here swinging the Sonic Blackjack;  battling the information overload!! checked the’s  nothing but charades!

I’m not through dealing!!  check the transformation..but  still in street and discrete modes..check the facades..its going down like this!

I’m not through dealing!!  others were sick!!  they didn’t back away from the buffet on these cruise ships!

Now some are losing it!! others sick with it / slick with it like Chris Chrsitie and Nathan Shady Deal..

Now some are choosing it!!..the assignment!! ..they received orders..all hands on deck!! ..but I was hip to the shady deal…

Now some are abusing it..the power granted to them…check the hot a brotha like me will have to clean it up…

Now some are abusing it…the power granted to them..the masses? they’ll stress!! some were in denial..mesmerized by the Sun In Pisces..some were in La La Land or even Mamby Pamby Land .they’ll dream it up…

My time for observing the scene was up…now I’m ready to roll.. I’m on my way…

What we have is spiritual…but  naysayers say its hazardous material when the O-Dog funk plays…


Knocked Off Balance PT.4 / Recalculation / Recalibration

Tapping on the calculator or on the Dell computer like an accountant….trying to make the books balance!


Guns were clapping on a foul hater like its The Taliban in Pakistan!  drama?  some found it!!  as crooks  continue to show malice!


….ones who were in mamby pamby land?   or Alice in Wonderland residents? they aren’t hip to that and this!


Some understand me when I drop this breakbeat science….Its Gotta Be Good!!  just  like that and like this!

List of atheists (surnames L to M)


Dipping out I-20 in Atlanta….caught behind Subaru Outbacks that were lolly-gagging!


Jokers were  flipping out like  Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in Boston ;  what it do?  whats the cost son?  brothas and sistas?  they’re red flagging!


Others were waiting on the dragon to return;   they’re hoping Bruce Lee can straighten things out!


Others were waiting in the dark hoping Rambo or Chuck Norris can straighten things out!


Shots ring out in hoods from Decatur Georgia to Louisville / Newburg!

Whats good?  jokers were flexing like North Korea with their missiles… with the apparatus?  some didn’t merge!


Now the power will surge during the ongoing storm…check the scenario;  some will be knocked off balance!

Chicago Bulls logo


Some flex their power like the Chicago Bulls bullying the Brooklyn Nets..tipping the scales after they show malice!


Whats next?  the arch nemesis was on the premises..the palace was invaded!


Whats next?  the empty promises were heard…. but we know how foul it is / how shady it is!


Its Shady Like Grady!!  enhanced by Smoke and Mirrors..a Fresh Vision  is needed…its hard to maintain balance!


……Of course the parade will be rained on during the storm…as haters show malice!




Glitches In The Matrix; They Didn’t Go Away

Whats really going on?  like my blog on WordPress …I heard some are stressed…were dealing with glitches in the matrix! 

Things got hot like the extreme heat this summer…whats up with ya? in the smoke and fog enhanced by mirrors these snitches try to fake it!

The  climate will change…its no joke; who you rolling with? soon under attack like Sikhs in Wisconsin….how did you respond son? drones and satellites will track down the non believers! 

Curiosity Rovers land on Mars…insecure ones try to heal scars..its no joke; danger zones get hit up from the sands of the Middle East like in Syria to the ATL; home of the wannabe macks and divas! 

Its no joke; spotted the stranger who was one of the clones in comfort zones…where slackers and under achievers reside! 

La La and mamby pamby land residents found out there’s no benevolence….due to ongoing glitches in the matrix…please!! that’s per The Architect…whats up with that? there’s no where to run or hide!


THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Glitches In The Matrix; They Didn’t Go Away.

Clearance Rack Epiphanies / Summer Solstice

Whats the deal? the summer solstice is here…seasons change  /reasons change; retail operations will  soon have sales!


Check these clearance rack epiphanies as I deal with those and these …its strange..some  play me like Obama..they’re  hoping a bruh fails!

Interference from gamblers out for a fast buck aka G20  was received;  they tacked cards…also stated certain conditions apply!


Checked the fine print..there were no lack of documents…no information overload.. like Fast and Furious and Atty.  Gen. Holder…plus on the commercial the announcer talked fast about the side affects from the new and improved drug …its all a damn lie!


Checked with the US Mint chasers…beauty beholders…I asked them why do they keep going around in circles?


Word from Billy Preston…whats the deally? some keep stressing…as the system / matrix circumvents like eraser marks on the CRCT test in Atlanta  ….who will we work those?

Caught up in the system / matrix ……knowing the devil will oppose; plus he recruited advocates and other agents!

How you living?  dude said he’s “getting it how he gets it” I bear witness to how flagrant the foul is!


How you living? the thought and fashion police are mad at me…bear witness to what the style is…Rocawear and Echo Unlimted…straight off the clearance rack at Macys!


They coincide with these clearance epiphanies; right at the Summer Solstice..check out how a brotha will face those and these!


Meanwhile mamby / pamby land residents  said thank you for your cooperation and have a nice day!


Then they’ll get foul… they jam you up;  stick the dagger in your back bear witness to how they play!