Circulating / It’s Time For Transition: Going Off / Getting Off On Them

What’s the deal? I Mentioned Moving Targets are hard to hit in a previous episode…

Finish what they started like Republicans trying to shut down the government before they passed the spending bill?  a brotha has reached the threshold…

Let The Truth Be Told!!! that’s what were dedicated to, we had to be bold!! something like this!! like this.!!

Interpret the code in a world so cold; due to the polar vortex the sport is complex;  it’s like this…

This world is Wicked;  an evil one was heard saying It’s like this / it’s like that / and a / and a..

Previous episodes on this blog may have mentioned local, national, international and intergalactic drama…

Too much confusion in this world!!  the rebuttal? O-Dog Is Going Off On Them!!  Once Again!! Once Again..

Winning / Losing;  Like the Los Angeles Lakers whatcha choosin? these brothas are trying to win..

Once Again?  like scientists studying dark matter  O-Dog will dig in the crates!! but it’s Breakbeat Science…

A Brotha Will  Break The Monotony By Dragging Out His Records;  we had to do the math / the science..

Where did you spot me? In Transition / Movin Forward;  at the end of the day? I’m doing what I do…

Spot me in the lab;  sonic smash and grab;  jokers will get smacked with the blackjack!! that’s what it do.


Regular Scheduled Programming

Jokers are subject to the authority….like the Supreme Court vs gay marriage;  they are victimized by the regular scheduled programming!

Jokers are subjects of drama royalty!! drinking the kool aid and food manufactured by genetic engineering!

Elaborate Fantasies fall apart..the joke was on some are loathing and fearing… making a run on banks in Cyprus?  as the prosecution objects to the defense attorneys motions!

The machine broke on us!! Manny Moe and Jack can’t fix it!!! check the persecution..some have weak defenses…now showing emotions!

Checked the regular scheduled programming….I didn’t want to see stars dance..I’m trying to advance!!! so The Sonic Blackjack will swing..I had other notions / teaching some a lesson!

We interrupt the regular scheduled programming…now some will get whats coming to them …when class is in session!

The sonic aggression will rebuke the regular scheduled programming!

As we put it down like this!!  O-Dizzle drops funk!!  he wasn’t slow jamming!

As we put it down like this!! whatcha know man? like Metta World Peace needing knee surgery this thing can get kind of crazy!

As we put it down like this!!  like NYPD stop and frisk…no justice no peace? who will  work with me? some people love the drama!!  but it doesn’t amaze me!

It seems like a fad /phase to me…some are caught up in the regular scheduled programming!

Brand new funk teams raised me!!  as O-Dizzle gets busy putting it down!!  but it wasn’t a slow jam!

From The Heart Of It!! The Eye Of The Storm


…….going in….getting it in….an original post for wordpress….The Summer Madness Project Is In Full Effect!!


Theres a new sheriff in town!! and it wasnt Reggie Hammond!

….Getting his share of it? word from Andrew Weiner!!  even if he did or didn’t somebody was damning him!

Spiritual warfare is going down!!  it’ll be  famine or feast for warriors; so who you rolling with?

Resources are scarce; rations are low…soon even more limited!

Those dim-witted let ecological ignorance alter the fate!

Where you at? English teachers said behind that preposition.. please!!  wolves were at the front door;  soon they’ll be eating off your plate.

Belligerence was heard during the debate; some even take shots at Lebron James..a lot of finger-pointing!

Making a difference with this breakbeat science!!  but not the one others are anointing!

Whats your point? that’s what they’re asking or  saying ; they even said there’s nothing you can tell us!

You’ll get gaffled like Andrew Bynum did JJ Barea by the wannabe good fellas!

Coping strategies failing us due to the weird energy floating around?

Wishing and hoping was a weird science hoping that you can get down!

Can we get down was heard like Craig Mack but some are found to be out-of-order!

As O-Dizzle gets down!!  funk fabricated on the Yamaha four track recorder!

O-Zone cut the corner;  soon he elaborated on an O-Dog track or on this blog!

Danger zone collaborations rebuking the Smoke and Mirrors enhanced by the fog!

O-Deezy said it must be the dog in me per George Clinton and Parliament!

Please believe me!! these epiphanies are coming from the heart of it!