Chilling / Healing / Soon Coming With The Real Thing

Get your mind right! that’s what old dude told me!!  so we undergo the healing  process!!

20 /20 hindsight after we left  the worm hole!! I see how some roll!! they choose sexual healing like Marvin;  others were drunk and smoked out!! they self medicate to stop the stress!!

**STOP THE PRESS** …this just in…breakbeat science is dropped!! THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT!!

The music can also heal you; doing the knowledge will bring the real you!! check out how funky O-DOG’S sound will get!!!!

O-ZONE found it; while chilling in grey areas;  from the Bay Area  to out beyond Pluto and Mars!! I was in and out of different scenarios!!

Twilight Zones?  please!!  I continue to fight clones plus jokers “ain’t right” with these drones!! so I found bridges between realms that were material and spiritual!!

Twilight Breaking Dawn? please!! we party to the break of dawn!! Where Did The Fear Go!!!!  after chilling and healing I adjusted bass, treble and tones on broken beats!! soon I issued eviction notices to fools like  landlords!!!

Found direction due to the divine intervention!! it’s in the unchanging hand of the Lord’s!!

Sounds close to perfection; the perfect beat like Bambaataa!!  what’s up with a brotha?  no Lords of the Rings!!  check the funky sound that O-DOG brings

Who’s in your section? nobody but these drama queens and kings!!

Oh I forgot!! we were in your section!!  massacres occured per the Islamic State!  As Kings and Queens of Drama introduce Next Level Dramatics!!!

Watching what I say on the cell as these authorities show hate per NSA / Prism eavesdropping; just a bunch of fanatics!!

Watching what I say on land lines; high tech land mines? don’t holla at this!!!!

Communicating  with Hip-Hop; funk ; jazz; rock; when we come with this!!!!