Character And Passion (Part Eight)

Monday morning has pulled up on us, it’s a blessing  / bonus so we kept on running out here even though it got lonely!

I guess it’s the stubborn character and the passion but out of character for what society is asking us to be so we kept clashing with thought, fashion and even the morality police so I realized it’s on me.. hold it down; so it’s going down,  character and passion is shown but it got rough out there I had to slow down like Loose Ends! I chilled out in a rose garden breathing zenfully.

Oh yes! it’s nice / refreshing! there was even a pleasant fragrance as those soft silken petals surround me.

Had to admit I was flagrant fouling earlier causing chaos and mayhem when supposedly showing character and passion! those honors and medals from questionable methods? they fooled me!

They had a brotha geeked up but due to information overload / overdose I freaked out and it provoked doubt; I told some Audi 5000 like that old school hip hop catch phrase / I’m out and they won’t find me.

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You Don’t Quit / You Don’t Stop (Part Five)

Celebrating life per this Thankful Thursday, as I always say it’s a blessing to be here!

Elaborating with this good word, but later I’ll set the O-Dog Day Party off! you don’t quit / you don’t stop was the advice given back in the day by the old school Baptist preacher up in Louisville; he told me to take it there!

Check the Throwback Thursday reference in a world that’s running short on benevolence; please! I heard all the those fire and brimstone lies!

The result? now jokers go back and forth like Cameo, we have unnecessary conflict about nothing! logic? it defies!

We didn’t quit / stop knowing that it’s all game, like Trump vs The DOJ motives of a hidden nature apparently led to chaos..

..and mayhem; I see how these jokers are playing; some were praying but the battle was lost.

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Slow Down Son!! Your Killing Them!!

*I’ve Got The Speed You Need*

They told me to slow down son!! your killing them!! “said I couldn’t stand the heat” like that joint I heard on Kiss 104 in Atlanta by Loose Ends…

I Told them; “they should know how Brotha O gets down.”  I’m *Moving At A High Velocity* please!! these folks will have you “Hanging On A String” by who? Loose Ends!!

Previous episodes in life? a lot of loose ends, fragments, breaks, bad breaks, setbacks!! damn!! I had to let go!! I had too much baggage..

Easy to get it was Afghanistan / Pakistan/ Iraq / Somalia!!  but from Ferguson to Baltimore to even Charleston  they’ll get foul with ya!!  we’re all up in the spot where *Reason Gave Way To Madness*

Back with this!! I never bragged or boasted, but I got roasted by these comedians!!  some of it was personal, I told you they want me to slow down!!  some can’t catch what they can’t understand..

High Velocity with the speed you need!!  but some want to catch me out there by the border like David Sweat up in New York!! they want me to take it down a thousand..

True indeed!!  some will cry something something / something something  *just ain’t right* like Keith Sweat!! reality will house them…

Blue collar style work is put in!!! we break out in a Cold Sweat like James Brown!! now the Hot Message is delivered;  we’re *All Up In The House Again*

Once chilling up on Mars, but aliens  aroused me!! now It’s On / Once Again, we had to leave the Red Planet!! .

Mystic Voyages were taken, now I’m back  down on earth with this BreakBeat Science business after the mothership landed..

Back down to earth!! we’re moving at a high velocity!! jokers moving in slow motion were shouting slow down son!! your killing them!!

Like Rare Earth I told them to Get Ready!! I was actually trying to help the massive, I’m at the service desk returning bogus merchandise, plus throwing in these bad hands gamblers out for a fast buck were dealing them!!

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