Life Is A Marathon / We Kept On Running PT. Ten

The Sunday morning service just confirmed my suspicions; life is a marathon but we kept on running!

 Naysayers? “Buking and Scorning” but no bridges are burned we just drop this good word on them plus we kept on funky drumming!

Like Casey Kasem succeeded by Ryan Seacrest per America’s Top 40 Hits the hits keep on coming; we’re out here stressing these cold hard lessons. 

Polar vortex style? seems that way, but life is a marathon we kept on running but its still foul! but blessings?

Just around the corner, happiness around the bend per the Main Ingredient so yeah! success soon found!

I’ll predict it, work towards it trying to manifest it; we’re putting it down like this; Its Going Down!

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Les McCann – Talk to the People

 Sunday Jazz Continues, check us out as we put it down on this Sunday evening!

Memorial Day festivities took place this weekend leading to the official holiday tomorrow; in democracy? some keep believing…

….even though their relatives may have paid the ultimate price defending it…

..,even though democracy is under attack from Trump and his insurgents who have plans for remixing it..

We come through with the mix, now listening to Les McCann telling us we need to Talk To The People..

Classic material! I remember listening to Tobe Howard play this on 1350 WLOU up in Louisville way back in the day! dropping that Sunday Jazz on the people!

I heard it on 91.9 WCLK earlier today while cruising out on I-20 in Atlanta!

It sounded so nice I had to hear it twice! check out the players and the track! Mr McCann was dropping knowledge on this track! I understand the brotha.. 

The Temperature’s Rising But It’s Still A Cold World (Part Six)

Check us out!! thoughts were scattered from the past to the present to the future; Flashback Friday business is handled..

Bruised / battered by reality;  blasts from the past,  present day realities and anxiety about the future? pondered after the mothership landed…

Lights blinked on the instrument panel!!  change oil soon and check engine lights came on, plus the temperature is rising…

Engines in need of some coolant? in July that’s the kind of stuff we’ll fool with, but now the calendar moves on to August;  we’re in the heart of this summer weather, expect the temperature to keep rising!! 

….but it’s not surprising me that it’s still a cold world; sometimes feeling that I need to pull the Wilson leather out..

…or maybe even the skull cap or hoodie; thought and fashion police think I’ll act a fool like that criminal minded /  going all out..

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Is There A Doctor In The House? (Part Six)

Writing this on a Sunday morning, while sheltering in place due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic..

It’s an Easter Sunday, churches will have to step up their technology game, it’s all game / academic..

We’ll have to play it this way for the next thirty days, no NBA playoffs with  Draymond Green dirty plays? no batter up on the baseball diamond?

We’ll have to pray about this thing, due to society’s dirty ways!! spiritual playoffs per good vs evil? quarantining / social distancing / staying at home, blood on the homes per Exodus 12 :13?

….on over to Exodus 12 :23, somebody might feel me!! I even  heard  them asking, Is There A Doctor In The House?

Knowing what the deal is!! Dr Fauci and Dr Birx blocked form CNN by Mike Pence? shady dealing / hustle knocking “all up in the house” ?

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Out On The Edges (Part Four)

We’re still out here on the edges / outside the box; especially after we were thrown under the bus like Trump did  the Kurds over in Syria..

…or maybe like Trump throwing Mike Pence and Mike Pompeo under the bus concerning  Ukraine!! we’re still out here on the edges / outside the box but we’ll still maintain!!  these brotha will rock!! beats bump plus these good words confront the mass hysteria..

Hustles? check the circumstance!! per Trump vs Mitt Romney’s pompous ass somebody is always knocking them!! meanwhile these brothas will keep on rocking them, I told them to back up and give me five feet!

Whats the deal? these folks are ill!! Monday morning? my constituents are out on these highways due to “getting over the hump” maneuvers  but opposed by others trying to move us; in other places the Matrix Architect is talking about alt shift delete!

…from the so called corridors of power to the streets; who keeps it real? per Music Monday? it’s like John Legend and the Roots.. compared to what?

Or maybe the Les McCann and Eddie Harris version, whichever one is working, but who’s hurting? now crossing borders at the last hour like the GOP concerning impeachment?  meanwhile were dipping through out on I-20 with tires screeching after being out on the edges / after laying in the cut.

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Les Mc Cann – Funk it (Let the musique play)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Throwback Thursday!! A lot of things going on in the world!! I’m rolling like Les Mc Cann, saying Funk it (Let the musique play)!! Check out the players and the track; Let’s Go!!

Clearance Rack Epiphanies (New Years Day Sale 2016)

Oh yes!! 2016 is here!! it’s just in time for these clearance rack epiphanies!! the sale is on!!

Oh yes!! O-Dog is mixing breakbeats and O-Zone fights interference with these good words; once again it’s on!!

Restricting movements?  a devil breaks through these streets shooting up pubs in Tel Aviv, another devil tells you what to believe per the deliberate falsehood; the truth? some are disputing..

Restricting movements? these clearance rack epiphanies confront those acting false in the hood, like NATO a threat per Vladimir Putin?

Swiss movement watches tell the time, no need to remember per Michael Jackson!! some players were missing in action like Michigan State beat by Alabama..

Swiss Movement Les McCann and Eddie Harris type jazz plays in the background as I type these epiphanies; Compared To What? who will understand a brotha?

Who’s fair with this? as I walked through the mall after these holidays I stopped in Macys, Target and other spots!! I noticed merchants were selling products at regular retail price…

Who’s fair with this? I’m trying to reach y’all with these clearance rack epiphanies!! a dude conducts himself in an orderly fashion after paying the price…

Who’s fair with this? there’s no shady deal with those or these!!  we’re not using social engineering!!

We stayed on point while others ignored the warning!!  now we respond with  this Mechanical Engineering..

We stayed on point while others ignored the warning, now they’re caught out there like Bill Cosby finding out what the cost will be, now we’re steering the Mothership to a safe harbor…

Trying to regain our equilibrium, we weren’t through dealing!! some might have lost me but after the experience we drop these clearance rack epiphanies!! we’re clearing our minds, hearts and spirits but the system will issue demerits; hatred? they harbor…

Les McCann – Street Dance

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! we’re checking out this jazz funk from Les McCann with a track called  Street Dance. Check out the players and the track / Let’s get it!!

Skills To Pay The Bills?

What’s really going on?  in this danger zone? the masses were victimized by shady deals.

…Like they were in Georgia dealing with Nathan;  jokers are misbehaving!!  this past winter? Winter Storm Juno or even  Winter Storm Thor gave us the chills.

Some thought they were escaping the madness like Hillary Clinton but they’re caught up in it!! who’s keeping it real compared to what per Les McCann?

Eddie Harris helped him while The Roots and John Legend had their version; so at the end of the day who did the math?  did anybody understand?

A crook rapes,  loots and pillages the village!!  they said something about being down with ISIS or Boko Haram or maybe both of them.

They said they had the *skills to pay the bills*  but at the end of the day there’s no hope for them.

Old girl said God didn’t like ugly while she scratched off lottery tickets at the Citgo station.

…Over on Candler Road in Decatur Georgia;  it’s not odd that she tried to warn you about the confusion.

But jokers are acting brand new again!!  saying something about having the skills to pay the bills.

I didn’t fool with them;  I’m out there / outside the box;  a Brotha just chills.

I had the skills to pay the bills but I didn’t front, flex  and floss like I was all this and that…

Shady deals have this brotha staying on point and in the hunt; I realized the cost!! now dropping knowledge on those that are lost!! breakbeat science is what you can call this and that!!