Get It Together PT.4 (We Already Know What’s Up)

So what’s up?  please!!  we already know what it do!!  we need to get it together.

Aimlessly wandering through the Babylon wilderness finding out what the deal is through trial and error.

Soon we’re like protestors in Hong Kong; we’re subject to the authority!!  victimized by the reign of terror!

Whats up with it?  we stay strong!! we’re going in / gettng it in!!  in this hostile territory?  we take it there!!

What’s up with it? we need to get it together!! we can start by rebuking the hostile takeover.

What’s up with it?  some of us need to get it together!!  in need of a hot style makeover?

Some of us need to check the weather forecast by Al Roker or whoever!! but a foul joker will think they’re cunning and clever!!

Last minute heroics by who shot last? maybe Kanye West working out with  Kobe Bryant or maybe Lebron James style!! a foul one will say whatever!!

We need to get it together ;  some of my people are stressed!! so what’s up? we fight back with this good word!!  plus the sounds will blast.

Turkey said they’re together with the US and other nations as they fight ISIS; bombs are dropped and the guns blast…

A  jive  turkey said they’re trying to make it last forever like Keith Sweat now they run and sweat trying to keep up with the other Atlanta players…

Who will work with me? I’m trying to get it together!! I’m putting work in son but jokers are shady like grand juries in Ferguson; some might understand a brotha when I say prayers!!


The Relocation: Terrible / Terrific Tuesday Edition

Check the relocation…it’s like  the loss leaders..Atlanta ex-homeowners moving because of foreclosure

Check the vocation …dropping this good word at The Sonic Assault  and other spots after hell was caught…a brotha is just looking for closure…

Check the occasion…actually? the devil will oppose you in all of them….it’s easy to take a loss…even like Brazil to Germany in the World Cup…

Check the occasion..Next Level moves are made by a brotha on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday…check the perspective…..positive vs negative in a world we know  that’s corrupt..

So what’s up? the funk is playing along with the good word..dues we pay…actually? we’re due a rebate…

So what’s up? how are some playing it? plans can go astray like malfunctioning Six Flags rides in Valencia California…plus on thin ice? some skate…

Some wait too late to try to Harrison Ford injured on the Star Wars set..soon they’ll get attacked like Israel vs Hamas…

Some realize the sport is complex…soon they’re not on one accord or not in sync with how it goes down…soon some will play it like Leonardo DiCaprio..trying to  look like Jack Nicholson does..

Some realize the sport is complex…sick like smallpox vials found in a FDA storage room..

Some chase the prize…the next..trying to see where Lebron James will land..after meeting in a Las Vegas conference room…

I’m rocking a Las Vegas tourist T-Shirt, nondescript blue jeans and Vans kicks in these games as I type this…Sonic Assaults is how I respond to the madness…

Terrible or Terrific Tuesday? who acts brand new with me? ….as I come back with this…




They Were Playing Me The Other Way PT.3

It’s going down!!  were trying to lay it down like Lebron James!! but I see folks are trying to play me the other way.

The saga / struggle continues!!  it’s easy to get caught up in these games!! that’s what I told big homie!  but some act like they don’t know me!!  like I just got here the other day.

I admit ….I did play things another way!!  that’s why society blames my types for the ongoing madness ..even saying we underachieve like Marvin Lewis in Cincinnati..but we’re just  trying to keep a positive attitude in a negative environment.

But I come with it!!  this breakbeat science!!  acting like I knew this…putting it down from Pluto to Mars..from  Cincinnati to the ATL..dropping this good word..we have a story to tell!!  it’s a tool for empowerment.

Some fake it when they “holla at me”… they didn’t have the power for it like Snap.. so they’ll just cut their losses.

Some take it until the light comes on… hopefully not at the last hour!!  until then?  they’re like Jesus bearing crosses.

Jokers play me the other way!!  but check this thesis….coin tosses won’t determine my fate.

Jokers play me the other way!!  they said it’s all love!!  so why do I feel the hate?

I heard what was said…the debate didn’t interest was just a bunch of harsh rhetoric…

I heard what was said….now shows will get cancelled like Arsenio’s ..check the scenario..the pundit or expert sounded pathetic..

I heard what was said…these mathematics will be the rebuttal when jokers were playing me the other way…

I heard others were misled…waiting in the dark….check the win win situation per Donald Sterling and Steve did they work things? check the balmy weather…it goes down on any day..

I Can See How This Is Going To Play Out….

Peeping game; so whats the deal? damn!!  I see how this is going to play out!

Not sleeping in the game….might win gold medals like Michael Phelps...but  I’m more outside the box…the way things are going down I might just stay out!

Praying to the Lord helps…actually I’m not trying to stray out of my lane…not  swerving;  I just stay in it…maintaining…I keep moving forward!

Staying on one accord with the higher power….intergalactic…dipping through the black hole…this black man is on a roll..still playing the game… going all out;  I exercise power like a forward!

Trying to avoid the fireshower like it was Oklahoma…as we proceed..took a look at the big picture ; something was wrong with it!

2012…per the Mayans we approach the last hour….check the wisdom from the origins…whatcha need?  as I go big with the scripture;  I studied it quick…I wasn’t long with it!

Some are still snoking and joking like the Wayans….I can see how this is gonna play out!!  going strong with it when I take it to the hoop!

….Like Lebron against Lithuania.…who will understand a bro?…cruising down Panola Rd in Lithonia in the hooptie…staying outside the box;  and I plan to stay out even though they say  I’m out of the loop!

What was I on? O-Dizzle will pull out a loop while O-Zone hits you up with this good word…truth be told? please!! ….we’re dedicated to the truth..there’s no disputing…

What was I on? whats the dizzle? danger zone residents think I’m cheating like Vladimir Putin….

Whats really going on? jokers were getting bailed out….looting the treasury like Spain

Whats really going on? the rich get richer and the poor get poorer…we’re just trying to maintain…my people stay in pain…

I Was Telling Them…You’ll Get Played…

Gamblers were out for a fast buck…rolling like the White House…Fast and Furious?  its easy to get played!

I saw crooked  Bernie Madoff / Ezra Merkin types  dipping down I-20 in Atlanta in a fast truck..hows your luck?  now progress is delayed!

How’s  that working for you? now nerves are frayed…shot;  everybody’s stressed out due to the economy!

In Decatur..the Buick Regal swerves the block …one step ahead of the Dekalb Police…now the block is sprayed;  little homie said damn they’re on to me!

A hater was rolling with legal eagles down here in Georgia…they questioned him like Alex Trebek whose sick..hope he gets well…but some were sleeping with the enemy!

Politicians debate irrelevant issues….while the average citizen felt the pressure….some will test ya… fake ones even  try to befriend me!

Meanwhile Islamists win elections in Egypt..the Muslim Brotherhood is represented by Mohammad Morsi…of course the course will be a rough one to play like Tiger Woods lately…recognize what it do; you’ll get played!

Even if you win championships like Lebron James there’s always going to be something…who can see through the lies / the smoke and mirrors during the ongoing horrors and terrors? as these  roles are played!

As we push the envelope..put a stamp on it!!…no shame is the strategy of one “trying to get over” like Curtis Mayfield singing the theme song of Super Fly…

As we peep game..scoping out the landscape…playing the field like Willie Mays making basket catches on the fly…

As we peep game…your a damn lie I told one!! ..the saga / struggle continues…this is not the Legend of Korra..

I was telling them….you’ll get played….its like Bin Laden…eventually you’ll have to leave those know the score…


Its Time For Transition / Circulating (The Scripture)

As we proceed and continue; as the earth shakes like Italy..whats the deally?  we checked the clock; now its time for transition! 

True indeed!!!  its like Kobe Bryant or Lebron James checking the shot clock… then getting out in transition..on fast breaks hitting a last second shot; so how you living? 

That’s what they asked me…I dealt with the fakes..played me like I’m a tyrant from Syria causing mass hysteria… true indeed; but I’m going in..drunk an energy drink….Sobe or Red Bull; now I’m ready to pull a caper! 

Checked out the vibe; its full of negative energy….just like the butler snitching at The Vatican…a fool was trying to pull their own caper! 

Whats up man? spotted the old Buick Regal dipping down Candler Rd in Decatur…dude said he’s in transition..these jokers act a fool out here trying to get this paper!! just like Wall Street they’re cutting up! 

Meanwhile beat brokers like O-Dog are circulating through the galaxy out beyond Pluto with stops in Mars and Venus; now its the intergalactic funk he’s chopping and cutting up! check out the rest of this article at THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Its Time For Transition / Circulating (The Scripture).

From The Heart Of It!! The Eye Of The Storm


…….going in….getting it in….an original post for wordpress….The Summer Madness Project Is In Full Effect!!


Theres a new sheriff in town!! and it wasnt Reggie Hammond!

….Getting his share of it? word from Andrew Weiner!!  even if he did or didn’t somebody was damning him!

Spiritual warfare is going down!!  it’ll be  famine or feast for warriors; so who you rolling with?

Resources are scarce; rations are low…soon even more limited!

Those dim-witted let ecological ignorance alter the fate!

Where you at? English teachers said behind that preposition.. please!!  wolves were at the front door;  soon they’ll be eating off your plate.

Belligerence was heard during the debate; some even take shots at Lebron James..a lot of finger-pointing!

Making a difference with this breakbeat science!!  but not the one others are anointing!

Whats your point? that’s what they’re asking or  saying ; they even said there’s nothing you can tell us!

You’ll get gaffled like Andrew Bynum did JJ Barea by the wannabe good fellas!

Coping strategies failing us due to the weird energy floating around?

Wishing and hoping was a weird science hoping that you can get down!

Can we get down was heard like Craig Mack but some are found to be out-of-order!

As O-Dizzle gets down!!  funk fabricated on the Yamaha four track recorder!

O-Zone cut the corner;  soon he elaborated on an O-Dog track or on this blog!

Danger zone collaborations rebuking the Smoke and Mirrors enhanced by the fog!

O-Deezy said it must be the dog in me per George Clinton and Parliament!

Please believe me!! these epiphanies are coming from the heart of it!