Is There A Doctor In The House? (Part Two)

We’re out here putting it down on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; things can play out either way…

Praying, then claiming the terrific outcome /  then pulling out the drum perdigital crate digging as part of the victory celebration; my motto / elaboration? “Let The Music Play”

Playing us the other way? Trump trying to reopen America in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic? worried more about the economy than the people?

I heard what was said by Larry Kudlow mentioning difficult trade offs / collateral damage?  Texas LT. Gov. Dan Patrick mentioning the elderstaking a bullet for the economy? please! who’s thinking about the people?

…..not to be confused with Dan Patrick the sportscaster, by the way they’ve got this brotha asking another; Is There A Doctor In The House?

Where’s Dr. Anthony Fauci? even Twitter is asking another!! in the meantime and between time the Brotha O-Dog aka O-Dizzle will rock the house!!

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I Heard What Was Said!! (Part One)

Mentioned earlier that I Could See What They’re Saying!! things went south after some ran their mouth; I heard what was said!!

Jokers said remain calm / move along / nothing to see here concerningthe coronavirus; they were like Larry Kudlow, he  mentioned buy the dip /  buy low; I heard what was said!!

Whats the deal with it? keep your eye on the stock market jokers will try to spark it from all fronts,  mental /  physical / spiritual hitting all locations!  East and West Coast / Midwest and Dirty South!! actually it’s worldwide from Italy to China!! I can see my folks are under attack.

What’s the deal with it? what’s the response from these brothas? check the steady bombardment of the enemy position with the Sonic Assault!! please!! this is the rebuttal as we fought back!

What’s the deal with it? I heard what was said, jokers will blast off rounds like it’s Lenox Mall here in Atlanta; it’s like little homie back in the day that  was caught going back on sacred grounds, on that Indiana Jones tip?

..or maybe Lara Croft Tomb Raider  style;  what’s up y’all? the shady hobbies /  arts and crafts made him cross the bridge from Louisville to Clarksville Indiana; he had to dip!

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