Bruno E – Ventos Do Outono (Kirk Degiorgio Remix)

Sunday Jazz Continues on a Sunday evening; the Labor Day Weekend is being celebrated..

The saga / struggle continues, we kept believing we were’t laboring in futility as alter egos collaborated..

O-Zone is dropping this good word and O-Dizzle make sure the beats bump!! achieving breakbeat scientific missions..

It’s on!! O-Dog Day Party earlier, still in that mindset, making impressions..

It’s on!! disco jazzing / jazz dancing with a touch of techno per this Bruno E track called Ventos Do Outono (Kirk Degiorgio Remix)

It’s on!! letting it go not spazzing just chilling / relaxing; at the same time getting breakbeat scientific..

Fila Brazillia – Space Hearse

It’s the Labor Day Weekend!! it’s going down, but Sunday Jazz Continues!!

Fruits of labor? a bleak one for some, the harvest is short!! the saga / struggle continues…

Fools and their behavior have repercussions!! Hell’s Kitchen menus were full of  meals lacking nutrition..

Fools like me? beat slaves, locked with chains of percussions!!  minds blowed per shady deals with fools lacking ambition…

It doesn’t matter what district you’re in!! local, national, international and intergalactic is where the drama is..

Knowledge dropped by this spaced out mystic!!  clientele and constituents? per Fila Brazillia a Space Hearse awaits some, out there where the drama is..