Change Of Scenery (Part Eight) Concepts Revisited

 Usually broadcasting live from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta on this Monday but the Full Moon in Pisces stirred things up!

Plus Labor Day was the unofficial end of Summer, Fall is here per the upcoming Fall Equinox with leaves changing colors changing the scenery; soon we’ll see what’s up!

Is it a signal to us that we need a change of scenery?  your dude is  still out here playing this hand I was dealt.

But the whole game is shady per these gamblers out for a fast buck dealing marked cards! still hungry, but not crazy no divine hunger is felt!

Strengthened earlier by a change of scenery, I felt a different drumbeat played by the ensemble! Some of y’all see me with the different two step that’s danced as the bass rumbles but I have to admit, sometimes I stumble.

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DJ Spinna – The DJ Spinna Tape VOl.01

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we come through handling this Throwback Thursday type of business! this is what we’re working with!

Also showing gratitude since it is a Thankful Thursday, it’s a blessing to be here Praise The Lord! trying to stay on one accord / that’s who I’m working with!

That’s the attitude, so who’ll work with me? coming through dropping this good word and the good music is the plan!

O-Dog Day Partying and Afternoon Jazzing? that’s the deal, this is what’s up!! it’s a big world / universe somebody will understand!

At the moment? we’re still in this Afternoon Jazz vibe, chilling out after O-Dog Day Partying per the Labor Day Holiday!

Astrologers will blame it on the approaching Full Moon in Pisces! peeping game, the devil and his advocates will try to create a crisis! that’s how they play!

Knowledge dropped earlier, it’s  all game! meanwhile we’re letting the music play coming through listening to this DJ Spinna – The DJ Spinna Tape VOl.01 courtesy of Nas Kingdom!

Check the playlist and the music, for vibing / chilling out it’s conducive! otherwise it’s easy to spin out of control in this world; somebody can see what I’m saying!!

Check this out at DJ Spinna – The DJ Spinna Tape VOl.01

The Holding Pattern (Part Eight)

 Inclement weather led to flight delays over the Labor Day Holiday Weekend; even when trying to land planes? some were in a holding pattern!

Similar to Trump stall tactics when facing justice aided and abetted by Aileen Cannon and  by other Federalist Society judges? oh yeah, a different kind of holding pattern!

Similar to North Korea and Russian collaborations concerning Ukraine? spoken and unspoken secrets by shady allies led to the document stealing, filming, sharing and even shredding.

Oaths broken, soon democracy broken? jokers are trying to hide evidence! was it obstruction of justice?

Lack of cooperation in ongoing investigations led to another holding pattern; in the Oath Keepers and Patriot Front are there undercover agents? the force / agencies are embedding..

..behind the scenes, may the force be with you out there where trust was absent!

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Ross Couch – Hold Me Close

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday in conjunction with the Labor Day Holiday; excuse us, but we’re also in the midst of the O-Dog Day Party..

The saga / struggle continues / life goes on ; on another level?  the toils and strife go on!!   I told another devil, don’t start with me!!

Now showing heart is how we’re playing, plus providing Monday Motivation to my constituents as we get busy..

We’re out here playing this good music plus good word dropping; you don’t quit / you don’t stop was the advice so we’ll stay busy!!

We’re out here listening to this top shelf house music from Ross Couch with a track called Hold Me Close; check it out!!

 This is what’s up on a rainy day in Atlanta we’re chilling listening to the good music;  for getting our minds right  it’s conducive; somebody will feel me, check it out!!

Check this out at Ross Couch – Hold Me Close

Funky In Da Club 2022 Original Mix by Philgood 5336

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Music Monday; it’s going down in conjunction with the Labor Day Holiday!

Check out these menus as we do our due diligence / our function; we’re dropping this funk son, as we let the music play!

We were Afternoon Jazzing earlier due to the Sunday Jazz like vibe but we’ve come alive, we’re setting this O-Dog Day Party off!

Still broadcasting live from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta; we’re going off!

We’re dropping this Funky In Da Club 2022 Original Mix by Philgood 5336

Check out the playlist and the music as we proceed and continue to do what we do; getting breakbeat scientific!

1: PBR Streetgang – Downstroke (Original Mix)
2: Anna Reusch – Arabian Nights (Ellroy Remix)
3: Alaia & Gallo – I’m Going Up (Qubiko Extended Remix)
4: Wekingz – All Night Thing
5: Killed Kassette – I Need a Whole Lotta Lovin’ (Original Mix)
6: Claptone – Calabria (Claptone Extended Remix Mixed)
7: Mark Knight – Second Story
8: CamelPhat – Cola (Mousse T.’s Glitterbox Mix)
9: Erik Bo – One Two
10: Alessio Cala’ – Deeplomatik Jack
11: Carlostella – People In Da Club
12: Dario D’Attis – Sunshine People

Mindful Vibes – Episode 33 (Jazz Hop / Chill Mix) [HD]

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we come through on this Music Monday, in conjunction with this Labor Day Holiday!!

The saga / struggle continues so what it do? we’ll continue to drop this good word and let the music play!!

All work and no play? naw, this is a beautiful struggle that’s going down!! it’s a pleasurable type of labor, even though it’s a rough job but someone has to do it!!

Oh yeah! my constituents know the struggle is real they know the deal!! many can bear witness per going through it!!

They couldn’t front / acting like they knew it!! they can can feel these Mindful Vibes – Episode 33 (Jazz Hop / Chill Mix) [HD] courtesy of Mindful Music.

Check out the playlist and the mix as we chill out to this!! this overcast Labor Day here in Atlanta has a Sunday Jazz vibe to it, so this mic is conducive!! 

Check this out at Mindful Vibes – Episode 33 (Jazz Hop / Chill Mix) [HD]

“The Recovered Mixes Vol.2” (All Vinyl 2003 DJ Set) by DJ Spivey

Sunday Jazz Continues on this wet Sunday afternoon in Atlanta, but the science dropped is appropriate for any time period!

The Labor Day Holiday is tomorrow, many are in holiday spirit or festive move! a message that O-Zone will approve, can you dig it?

We’re trying to O-Dog Day Party with it but still keep it in a Jazz mode, so we won’t go into spaz mode!

We’re out here blending soul, Jazz, funk and soul music, it’s conducive to uplifting the spirit so we won’t go into spaz mode!

Truth be told? oh yes, it’s being done with the sound per”The Recovered Mixes Vol.2″ (All Vinyl 2003 DJ Set) by DJ Spivey!!

Truth be told? he’s setting it off!! check out the playlist and the mix, the brother is kicking it!!  all the way  live is how it’ll be!!

Check this out at “The Recovered Mixes Vol.2” (All Vinyl 2003 DJ Set) by DJ Spivey

DJ Assassin presents Ekat Yawa – Jazz Journey (Swag’s Night Sight Mix)

Sunday Jazz Continues on a Sunday night, the Labor Day Holiday will be here tomorrow!

Some have been celebrating all weekend; every time I was out in these Atlanta streets I’ve seen my constituents swerving like there is no tomorrow!

Spotted the Dodge Charger racing the Chevy Impala with Mississippi tags on it out here on I-20 in Atlanta!

Some said charge it to the game, a foul one influenced by the Fast and Furious movies? somebody will understand a brotha!

We’re coming through dropping another jazz / funk housemusic influenced track from DJ Assassin presents Ekat Yawa with a track called Jazz Journey (Swag’s Night Sight Mix)

Check it out y’all, this is how we do!! we’re just staying breakbeat scientific!!

Jeff Mills – Automatic

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Labor Day Holiday Weekend!! 

Oh yes!! Labor Day, celebrated with smoking and drinking plus barbecue smoke leading to meals that’ll give you a heart attack!! 

You gotta love it!! but some are frustrated “it ain’t all good” , morale is low! the argument for saying it’s all good is a weak one!

But we’ll proceed and continue! the beautiful struggle and chaos? you gotta love it, check out how we “holla back”. 

Plus you’ve gotta love this techno track from Jeff Mills  called Automatic. 

Check it out!! we had to repost it after doing some behind the scenes work on this blog!  even on this so called holiday we’re still getting breakbeat scientific!

Check this out at Jeff Mills – Automatic

TECH HOUSE SEPTEMBER 2021 NEW PRODUCTIONS #techouse #playlist #djstonean…

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way!

We’re trying to manifest the terrific outcome then we’re celebrating by pulling out the drum to let the music play!

We’re still on the Labor Day Holiday vibe, check out the continuation like the “and one” situation per a NBA player taking it to the hoop!

Oh yes! Let the music play is the vibe plus check the good word / elaboration from O-Zone as he gives the tribe the scoop!

O-Dizzle? he knew the dizzle he wasn’t out of the loop! we’re coming through listening to this TECH HOUSE SEPTEMBER 2021 NEW PRODUCTIONS courtesy of Stefano Dj Stoneangels Channel Two

Check out the playlist and the mix O-Dog Day Partying with this working all the angles, this is what it do!

Check this out at TECH HOUSE SEPTEMBER 2021 NEW PRODUCTIONS #techouse #playlist #djstonean…