They Had Us On Hold

How were these jokers playing us?  man!!  please they had us on hold!

Shady like Wall Street stock brokers raising the Dow Jones Average.. Bernie Madoff style!!  foul!!  calling themselves bold!

Cavalier like Cleveland with Lebron!! now rebuilding with Kyrie Irving!

As they go there;  flexing like North Korea…whose believing the hype?  especially when they see them swerving!

As we go there;  observing the scene..doing the mathematics;  we know that only so much can be done!

As we go there;  to the service desk returning bogus merchandise!!  counterfeit like fake goods over at the West End Flea Market;  dreams?  they’re crushing some!

Out of service..out-of-order signs go up!!  those acting false / fake in these hoods? authorities were soon rushing some;  acting like they’re bold!

My appetite?  I’m curbing this!!  Deliberate Falsehoods were taking a toll;  but now I see the system has us on hold!

If they don’t get you one way they’ll get you another!!  they’ll catch us coming and going!

Please!! its like  Bin Laden’s son in law Sulaiman abu Ghaith….the karma will alarm ya!!   now some will get whats coming to them! Sulaiman abu Ghaith

Whats happening Captain? O-Dizzle is funky drumming for them!!  O-Zone is good word dropping!

Plans fizzle after being placed in a holding pattern;  fouls were  like Vlade Divac;  some were flopping!

Jokers were slick!! contaminates in the HVAC system had citizens dropping…check the flu epidemic!

Jokers were sick…but were not playing with them;  they had us on hold… but we studied;  now were dropping knowledge…it’s all academic!