Count Basic – Gotta Jazz (Remixed By Kruder & Dorfmeister)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way; we put in work to manifest the terrific outcome!

We’re able to bear fruit, work was put in blue collar style we didn’t have time to get cute; once again it’s on!

While jokers try to loot and plunder we’re chilling out not trying to go under; at the end of the day? we’re just trying to maintain!

Others don’t give a hoot about what we’re going through, but Doctor O will come through with this breakbeat scientific medicine to help them ease their pain!

We’re ready to roll / we’re on our way! we’re coming through jazzing / jazz hopping with some Count Basic with a track called Gotta Jazz (Remixed By Kruder & Dorfmeister)

O-Dog Day Partying earlier but now we take it down a thousand! in the ongoing spiritual warfare will pull a spiritual heist for ya!!

Check this out at Count Basic – Gotta Jazz (Remixed By Kruder & Dorfmeister)


Kruder and Dorfmeister – Shakatakadoodub

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday but I’m having aftershocks from the weekend…

Still in a Sunday jazz frame of mind, caught up in the game still going for mind after doing the math; the counter argument was a weak one..

Some are spazzing, arguing that the future is a bleak one with Covid 19 and systemic racism still on the horizon, plus boots were on the ground in Portland and coming to your town /  city..

Afternoon Jazzing? it might be a strategy for me to get my mind right!! good music playing as a dude reboots!! it’s rough out here, everybody has a story to tell so I can’t expect your pity..

Usually an O-Dog Day Party is underway but we’re playing it another way; listening to Kruder and Dorfmeister laying down a smooth track called Shakatakadoodub!!

A reggae / dub/ electro – jazz piece!! bringing about inner peace?  soon back on track / soon we’ll holla back!! thats what’s up!!

Count Basic – Moving In The Right Direction (Kruder & Dorfmeister Remix)

Sunday Jazz errr Digital Crate Digging Continues!! check the vibe we’re on per this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday..

Things can go either way, so let us pray and keep it moving!! showing and proving on a Christmas Day!!

Excuse me, but there are no Christmas carols, the O-Dog Day Party is going down!! still breakbeat scientific when we go  there with these and those!!

It’s business as usual when we do what we do!!!  showing and proving all the time knowing that the devil will oppose!!

Acting like we knew,  so we’re using this track from Count Basic called  Moving In The Right Direction (Kruder & Dorfmeister remix) as our theme song!!

2018 is morphing into 2019 as I write this; my birthday was November per the Adversity Anniversary so I dashed ahead but I’ll wait on ya not trying to hate on ya!! don’t get me wrong!!