Something Was Wrong / It Wasn’t Natural PT.2

Some are looking for closure;  but not just here in America per Ferguson and NYC Chokeholds!! some are trying to release strongholds in France,  plus check the ongoing circumstanes over in Nigeria…

The devil will oppose ya per the old school baptist preacher!! the devil and his advocates will reach ya with the mass hysteria!!

Who rose to the occasion?   they’ll kill a cougar like Kid Rock  after taking aim like the American Sniper in Iraq..

Something is wrong, it wasn’t natural; the rebuttal is the Sonic Assault!!  like John Cougar Mellencamp O-Dog will rock..

Composure maintained; a brotha is in the camp Just Maintaining; avoiding the Cloverfield Monster..

Acid rained due to the Perfect Storm manipulated by the New Type Mobster….

Dark Money / Big money gained;  now jokers are out eating lobster and shrimp enjoying the night….

Windows stained / blinds closed;  Some Tried To Live Without Light…

Something is wrong; it’s not natural!! from the urban blight / to sands of the Middle East / to oil fields in Nigeria..

Something is wrong; it’s not natural!! The Sonic Assault is unleashed!!  Oh Yeah!!! it’s funky!!  it meets the criteria..

In the A-Town?  homie used a Dodge Ram ripping out the ATM out of the wall at the Chevron station or even the  Bank Of America….

Others are skipping out; money owed on the mortgage after the rate adjusted!! check the foreclosure; now they owe Bank of America…