That’s Where They Lost Me

It’s going down!!  I’m doing the math..soon paying the price!! I’m  trying to see how much it’ll cost me.

These corporations and other institutions are price gouging per Clark Howard..that’s where they lost me.

Abort operations?  some need to!!  their performance is way off!! just like they botched the execution out in Oklahoma.

The sport is complex.. but I meet my obligations;   now spectators act like they know a brotha!!

…even speculators try to act like they know a brotha!!  they see me paying the price.

Bets were placed like it’s the Kentucky Derby… those haters owe me a rebate!!  please!!  this “ain’t nothing nice”

I’m rolling like California Chrome…last summer I was rolling on California Chrome out on I-580 / 880 out in Oakland..when I was West Coasting…

I’m currently rolling down I-20 in Atlanta…that’s the usual Saturday business..but I’m not bragging or boasting..

Spaced out!!  intergalactic!!  but drama is out here!!  storm troopers were like Georgia state troopers handling Nathan Shady Deal’s business.

They raced out ahead of other haters!!  opting out of Obamacare!!  said they weren’t going there!!  we know what the deal is.

We know what the real is;  they’ll stick a cheap statue of Martin Luther King Jr  up..but what good does it do ?

That’s where they lost me;  knowing what it’ll cost me…but I know what it do.

…acting like I knew;  as I govern myself accordingly per the old school baptist preacher.

…acting like I we get breakbeat scientific with it;  were just trying to reach ya!


We’re chilling…earlier I mentioned marinating..we’re maintaining….rolling down I-20 in Atlanta…were just out here trying to avoid the demolition derby!

GOP conventions were full of subliminal hating….being built or torn down ? circumstances are debatable ….were just trying to maintain then gain;  I had a premonition about winning like the Kentucky Derby!

Whats up with me? methods are unconventional….who will work with me? the reign began with a drizzle…now its heavy like Hurricane Isaac…this world is full of devil’s advocates!

Whats that noise?  in Russia they try to start a Pussy Riot... they bring the drama to your front door; what did they front for?  tripping when we came back with this!

I felt the pressure….others lost their poise after authorities track this with GPS… Curiosity Rover type maneuvers… they’re feeling the stress / feeling the pain!

I felt the pressure…I was even Way Way Out There…intergalactic..but some lost their voice out there!! crying / screaming!!  some blow their top when hard luck piles on;  it was hard to maintain!

Yeah…that’s what happened!! per shorty…hard luck for the armchair quarterback as he got sacked ….linebackers pile on; like Connor Shaw… he’s in pain!

Yeah….that’s what happened!!  his mind cracked..but this good word is in sacks and breakbeats are stacked; were just trying to maintain!

Jokers said my kind slacked…there’s nothing to gain…some workers get disgruntled like in Old Bridge New Jersey…

Clint Eastwood can’t come to the rescue…rolling up in a Gran Torino…in character…in love or war whose fair with ya? somebody mentioned were unworthy…

Who will work with me? famine or feast in the hood….check the pace of the jobs recovery…the question was asked…where you at?

Behind that preposition said the English teacher…meanwhile were maintaining..marinating..soon we’ll reach ya…so where you at?