Liquid and Beyond #44 [Liquid DnB Mix] (MELURAN Guest Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a cold Saturday evening in Atlanta; we’re all up in the mix per the Saturday Night Fever..

Caught out there in the snow earlier, prepared!! unlike dude on the bus stop waiting on MARTA with the shorts on or dude with the blue jean jacket on with no hat or skull cap; the cold weather will make him a believer..

Caught out there, you know we’ve got work to do the attitude is blue collar, check the style!! a starter and a finisher..

Caught out there, you know we’ve got work to do the attitude is breakbeat scientific!! check the style!! in the heart of danger zone!! once again it’s on!! O-Zone is a starter and a finisher!

Taking it there with this Liquid and Beyond #44 [Liquid DnB Mix] (MELURAN Guest Mix) presented by Kasger.

Taking it there with this drum and bass on a Saturday night!! some will understand what it do after checking out the playlist and the mix!! no need to ask a brotha!!


Liquid Drum and Bass Mix 114

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday as we hit the ground running with this O-Dog Day Party..

Digital? analog? is rigging these menus how they’ll play? check the sound, we’ve got the funky drummer drumming in response; why did they start with me? 

What it do? O-Dog aka O-Dizzle will pray then keep it moving knowing the fog / reign began with a drizzle so I’m hip to the inclement weather..

What’s the dizzle? it can be like storms in the Midwest, during these life storms a brotha from the Midwest can’t rest down here in the ATL where it’s like,  whatever!!

What’s the dizzle? chilling in these dorms / compounds getting caught up on these drum and bass sounds per this Liquid Drum and  Bass Mix 114

It’s courtesy of Karisma DNB; check the playlist and the mix to see what the deal will be!! points? like Kawhi Leonard points we’re scoring..

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High Contrast – Days Go By (Kasger Bootleg)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per my Saturday Night Fever segment; my constituents? they’re eligible for it…

Kentucky Derby 2019 is on deck as I post this, plus the New Moon in Taurus occurs at 6:35 this evening May 4th; those believing? they’ll deal with it..

Who’ll work with me? we’re serious about this thing!! who’s for or against us? May 2019? this year is rolling by!!

Who’ll work with me? we’re serious about this thing!! not playing around with missiles like North Korea or rolling like Trump / Putin with the big lie..

Who’ll work with me? we’re serious about this thing!! playing this drum and bass sound from High Contrast with a track called  Days Go By (Kasger Bootleg)

Who’ll work with me? dealing with this thing!! it’s in my face!! reflecting / contrasting on days gone by that are ghost like Casper!! we’re trying to get our balance / legs!!

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Liquid and Beyond #19 [Liquid DnB Mix] (Monrroe. Guest Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out this Liquid & Beyond #19 [Liquid DnB Mix] (Monrroe. Guest Mix) Big ups to Kasger for holding it down!!

► Liquid & Beyond Mix:
00:00:00 Skorp – Illume
00:02:13 Grace De La Hunt – I Really Like You (Fearbace Remix)
00:03:43 Colossus – Beyond Compare
00:05:34 Secondcity ft. Ali Love – What Can I Do (Fred V & Grafix Remix)
00:07:47 Aux Verba & Grëed – Distance
00:08:31 Maduk & Nymfo – Motions
00:10:00 Aux Verba – Where I Go (VIP)
00:11:51 Kove x Dimension – Feel Love Again
00:13:41 Dabin ft. Jill Harris – Embers (Feint Remix)
00:15:09 Blu Mar Ten – Hunter ft. Seba (Kasger Remix)
00:17:15 Kasger – Tell Me
00:18:44 Qbig & Zenith B ft. MC Fava – Science
00:19:50 Kwabs – Walk (Nu:Tone Remix)
00:20:35 Alex Clare – War Rages On (Etherwood Remix)
00:22:05 Koven – Miracle (Drum & Bass Mix)
00:23:33 Technicolour, Komatic & LSB – Rotary Motion
00:24:40 Fracus & Darwin – Succeed (NCT Remix)
00:26:51 IDENTIFY – Make Me Feel
00:28:41 Dico’s Over – Sojourn (VIP Mix)

► Monrroe. Guest Mix:
00:29:59 Colossus – Alleviation
00:32:56 Hosta – Into The Unknown
00:34:47 Lenzman – Ever So Slightly (Artificial Intelligence Remix)
00:36:15 Macca & Changing Faces- Deep Inside
00:38:05 Madface – Later That Night
00:39:34 Keeno – Golden Light
00:41:23 Technimatic – Beneath The Skies
00:42:51 Kove – Searching
00:43:57 Technimatic – Night Vision
00:46:09 Etherwood – Give It Up
00:48:21 Monrroe. – Embers
00:50:13 Logistics – Over And Out
00:52:03 Monrroe. – Eventide
00:53:31 Macca & Hosta – New Beginnings
00:54:59 Credit – Hearts And Minds
00:56:28 Hybrid Minds – Lost V.I.P

Liquid & Beyond #17 [Liquid DnB Mix] (Arch Origin Guest Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out some drum and bass from  this Liquid & Beyond #17 [Liquid DnB Mix] (Arch Origin Guest Mix) courtesy of Kasger

Logistics, Camo and Krooked, Electrosoul System and others are caught up in the mix; check out the playlist and the sounds; get into it / get involved!!

► Arch Origin Guest Mix:

00:31:17 Apex – Surrender

00:32:29 Anushka – Never Can Decide (Ivy Lab Remix)

00:33:59 Die & Interface – Bright Lights (Lenzman Remix)

00:36:55 MRSA – Different

00:38:01 Camo & Krooked – Change Me (Submorphics Remix)

00:38:45 Netsky – Porcelain

00:40:13 Madmen & Poets – Afraid Of Jazz (Lenzman Remix)

00:42:23 Seba – Blaze and Fade Out (Maxi Version)

00:45:19 BCee – Guilty

00:46:45 Thesis – Event Horizon

00:49:40 Electrosoul System – Moving In Transit (BCee & Lomax Remix)

00:51:29 Silence Groove – Til You

00:52:13 Kove – Searching

00:53:40 Nelver – White Clouds

00:55:52 Nu:Tone – Soul Flower (feat. Ernesto)

00:58:23 Seba – Painted Sky (Rogue State Remix)

01:00:37 Relay & Front – Remember

01:03:13 Seba – Never Let You Go (Blu Mar Ten Remix)

01:07:29 Technicolour & Komatic – The Deepest Blue

01:09:18 Etherwood – We Are Ever Changing