Kaidi Tatham ‎– Hard Times

Digital Crate Digging Continues; Afternoon Jazz is involved  on this gray / cloudy / overcast  Saturday afternoon in Atlanta…

What it do? we’re chilling out in the lab letting the sounds blast, plus dropping this good word; maybe somebody will understand a brotha..

..understanding where a brotha is coming from, utilizing the drum and the prose fighting the arch nemesis who continues to oppose..

Landing the mothership in these  Atlanta aka Atlantis harbors; hatred? constituents harbor,  I think I mentioned before the devil and his advocates will oppose..

Understand a brotha getting breakbeat scientific? dude down in Atlantis / Nassau down in the Bahamas said the madness hasn’t stopped due to the ongoing dramas…

Kaidi Tatham ‎mentioned  Hard Times, the title track from his EP of the same name; check it out, as these jokers want to see us catching the blame /  caught up in the same game / dramas..



Home Cookin’ feat Marcus Begg – All About the Mind

Sunday Jazz Continues, even in the midst of technical difficulties we’re putting it down…

At the moment? in the midst of a house music / jazzdance set; cult of personality when putting it down?

Blue collar; mechanical engineering like Siemens with advanced techniques!! putting it down like this!!

Who had a dollar? social engineering from demons with advanced techniques will clown; we fight that and this..

Social media frenzies, Facebook losing money in relation to Cambridge Analytica techniques?  my kind already knew it was rough out here…

Media pundits didn’t see us face to face with a crook taking it to the bridge!! Whodini said freaks come out at night, it’s rough out there..

We run it; what? our own business, it’s of the breakbeat scientific variety!! Home Cookin‘ feat Marcus Begg with some help from Melissa Brown said it’s All About the Mind

Check out the other players and the track, more of that house music / jazzdance / soul jazz I was talking about earlier; who’ll work with a brotha? it’s all about the mind..

Backing Vocals – Melissa Brown

Electric Piano [Rhodes], Bass [Synth Bass] – Kaidi Tatham

Lead Vocals [Featuring] – Marcus Begg

Recorded By, Mixed By – Daz-I-Kue

Written-By – Marcus Begg*, Paul Dolby*

2000 Black ‎– Bauxite, Gypsum and Limestone

Digital Crate Digging Continues,  as the HumpDay Extravaganza is going down..

Of course the saga / struggle continues!! getting over the hump is how we’ll play, we’re throwing down!!

Moving forward, slowing down and at a high velocity with the speed you need!! playing it either way..

Moving forward,  Kirk Franklin God’s Property style; blessings come down after we take time to pray..

Word from Brother O aka Uncle O, dropping knowledge; per the 2000 Black ‎EP is this Sunday Avuncular?

Getting scientific like  analyzing  Bauxite, Gypsum and Limestone, the name of this track; O-Zone is acting like he knew!!

Chilled Hip Hop and Neo Soul Mix #26

What’s up? Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday; that’s the vibe we’re on…

Retro-futuristic; rocking an old Starter cap from the Charlotte Hornets when they had Larry Johnson..

..or maybe even Alonzo Mourning; fast forward to today? jokers are “buking and scorning” like the GOP vs Rod Rosenstein..

Being built or toen down due to debatable circumstances? we’re making advances out here on I-20 in Atlanta observing the scene..

Ready to roll, we’re on our way; swerving!! listening to this  Chilled Hip Hop and Neo Soul Mix #26 from Raphael…

We’re ready to roll, listening to this good jazzhop, that’s what I call it!! check out the playlist and the mix so you’ll know the deal!!

1. 00:00 / Spiritual Awakening – Venuz Beats

2. 01:12 / Quest for Love – Potatohead People

3. 04:51 / Feeling High (feat. IAMDDB & Kinkai) – The Mouse Outfit

4. 07:53 / Watch Me (feat Quelle Chris and Iman Omari) – Cavalier

5. 10:46 / Check It Out – Mecca:83

6. 12:27 / Sunshine – Marc Rapson

7. 11:56 / Thinkin Bout You (feat. Talib Kweli) KAYTRANADA Remix – Robert Glasper Experiment

8. 18:37 / Waiting 4 Ya – Phonte & Eric Roberson

9. 21:29 / Right There (feat. Sam Trump) – R.O.E.

10. 24:52 / Lovinuu (feat. J.Robb) – Devin Tracy

11. 26:52 / Men Are Trash Anthem – Cay Caleb.

12. 29:51 / Don’t Waste My Time – Zilo

13. 33:20 / My Mission (feat. IAMDDB & Kinkai) – The Mouse Outfit

14. 36:10 / Contemplation – Venuz Beats

15. 39:14 / Self Reliant – Foisey.

16. 40:52 / Run Away (Eric Lau & Kaidi Tatham Remix) – Moonchild

17. 44:07 / Such Is Life – Phonte

18. 46:53 / Arson (feat. Kadeem Tyrell) – Minni Manchester

19. 50:53 / The Both of Us – Sam Wills

20. 54:03 / Focus – Kadeem Tyrell & ROMderful

21. 57:34 / Repeat (feat. Dubbul O, Sparkz & Ellis Meade) – The Mouse Outfit

22. 01:01:03 / AAAAA – Kiefer

Dego and The 2000Black Family ‎– Find A Way

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Music Monday!! It’s going down like this!!

We’re listening to some soul jazz  / broken beat from   Dego & The 2000Black Family ‎with a track called Find A Way!! Check it out!!

Kaidi Tatham and Dego ‎– Got Me Puzzled

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Throwback / Thirsty Thursday..

Are you digging it? the saga / struggle continues!! who’ll work with me?

Dirty? that’s how the work will be!! I guess that’s normal for a blue collar cat like me…

You heard me? just trying to let you know how the sport will be!! but for a dollar? some will fight like me…

But I’m fighting for freedom based on knowing how the sport will be!!  but like Kaidi Tatham and Dego it’s Got Me Puzzled

But per the track? we’re going to work it out / figure it out!! some will keep hating on a Negro!!  they even think they’ve got me muzzled!

New Sector Movements – Never Been Closer

Sunday Jazz Continues; we’re checking out some soul jazz / broken beat / spoken word from New Sector Movements with a track called Never Been Closer. Check out the players and the funky track y’all!! Let’s Go!!

Flute – Finn Peters & Co.*Lyrics By – Bembe Segue*Synthesizer – I.G. Culture*Synthesizer [Moog], Electric Piano [Rhodes] – Kaidi TathamWritten-by [Co-writer] – K. Phillips*

DJ Brainchild’s Dego Mix – It’s All Over The Place Mixtape

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! we’re checking out DJ Brainchild’s and his  Dego Mix – It’s All Over The Place Mixtape. Check out the playlist and the mix…


1. Dego – Da Fuzz (feat. Matt Lord)
2. 1:35 – 4hero – Hold It Down (ft. Lady Alma) –
3. 2:07 – Silhouette Brown – They Can’t Tell Us
4. 2:58 – DKD – Future Rage –
5. *4:09 – Dego – DNP exclusive – Oh my God!
6. 5:28 – Dego – Love & Hate You (ft. Obenewa) –
7. 7:37 – Dego – Sparkling Minds (ft. Georgia Anne Muldrow)
8. 8:30 – 4hero – Something In The Way (ft. Bembe Segue & Kaidi Tatham) – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFCRtq…
9. 9:45 – Silhouette Brown – Strawberries In Vinegar
10. *10:50 – 2000Black “Lose It” (feat. Face) –
11. *13:48 – DKD – Natty Head –
12. 14:57 – Dego – They Never Know (ft. Sarina Leah)
13.17:13 – Dego – We Are Virgo (ft. Kaidi Tatham) –
14. *17:44 – Tek 9 – Interlude – Sounds like a Q-Tip beat (Dilla) –
15. 18:52 – Dego – Whatever (ft. The Luv Bugz) –
16. *19:53 – Capitol A – Doing It Up – Sounds like a Busta Rhymes beat (DJ Scratch) – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjGS9w…
17. 21:09 – Dego – Valentines exclusive –
*21:47 – Sounds like Dilla again
18. 23:05 – Dego – Pushing You To Begin (ft. Ferraz) –
*Hypnotic – 25:23
19. 25:42 – 2000Black – So Right (ft. Ferraz) –
20. 28:45 – MM Black – 2000 Black (ft. Roy Ayers)
*30:22 – Think about a… Think about a… CHANGE
21. 30:43 – 4hero – Universal Love (ft. Carol Cosby) –
22. 32:26 – Tek 9 – You Got To Slow Down –
23. *33:30 – Jacob’s Optical Stairway – Jacob’s Optical Illusion –
24. 34:50 – Da One Away – Trash Da Junk –
25. 36:58 – 2000Black – If You Got 3 Wishes –
26. 38:10 – 2000Black – Forgot The Steel Pans
27. *39:53 – Focus – Having Your Fun (4hero Remix) –
28. 41:48 – 2000Black – Got Me Puzzled (ft. Face, Dego & Kaidi) –
29. 43:45 – Dego “Right From Wrong” (feat. Tosin Tao)
46:04 – It’s only right…30. *46:34 – Dego “Road Lessons” exclusive