Wrong Place / Wrong Time…

Damn!!  things were out of sync…its like being caught in the fire at the Bangladesh garment factory…what will the factor be? was I in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Damn!! brink of disaster type scenario are present…even if were wearing Black Friday “funky fresh” garments from Wal-Mart or H &M….so whats up man?  am I in the wrong frame of mind?

Wrong to think its all game?  like Republican strategy concerning the fiscal cliff?  naw!!  probably on the right track as far as that’s concerned!

Governed myself accordingly per the old school Baptist preacher; once zoning and chilling like Cliff at IHOP…but I now put work in…I type this good word and CD’s are burned!

Plus a fresh view or fresh vision  is used after lessons are learned; as we experience the cosmic karma!

Blessings?  the astrologer said Jupiter in Gemini brought abundance….check the girth..some said due to the Gemini Sagittarius axis…now were back with this…now the mothership lands on earth as we drop funk like Roger!

More bounce to the ounce!!  but wrong place /wrong time as we undergo the rebirth?  circumstances are debatable!

Being built or torn down?  predators pounce on the prey like Taliban suicide bombers..meanwhile we pray;  society still hates on a bruh!

The gatekeeper or weather maker tried to play around with fate; but didn’t know about synchronicity!

Those that hate creep up..wrong place / wrong time scenarios;  whose in search of diplomatic immunity?

Jokers even tried to act brand new with me!!  wrong place / wrong time?

I wasn’t feeling their energy…check the Sonic Assault..with the steady bombardment of the enemy position..they might catch me in the wrong frame of mind!


We’re Up In This Piece….We’re All Up In The Spot

Were up in this piece…we’re all up in the spot; I looked around…like the Egyptian vote for president…. the gang is all here!

Just like the Moon, Sun, and  Jupiter are soon in Gemini.…dude said there was nothing to fear!

Oh yeah!! he said “there’s nothing to fear but fear itself” …per FDR…without a doubt!

Oh yeah!!  whats the deal?  I’m surrounded by a bunch of cynics like those doubting Tiger Woods…you know they don’t roll without a doubt!

Whats it all about cousin? its tight in these hoods…check the slow recovery of the economy…one said if his hunch was right all he had to do was wait!

So now he’s waiting in the dark; vehicles were in park.. probably waiting for answers; but soon subject to the authority..consumed by the hate!

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