Johnny M – Raining | Deep Progressive House Set

Digital Crate Digging Continues as a Saturday afternoon transitions into Saturday evening!

We’ve been active today with the Afternoon Jazz and the O-Dog Day Party; I told a naysayer don’t start with me! we’re still achieving! 

We’re still believing everything is going to be alright, so we continue to drop this sound plus this insight!

Still seeing me out off of I-20 in Atlanta, my runway / gateway to the universe; the mothership stays in flight!

Shining a light for those waiting in the dark / vehicles in park as we come through listening to Johnny M – Raining | Deep Progressive House Set

Check out the playlist and the mix, it’s still raining / reigning / storming but it’s on once again! we’re still getting breakbeat scientific!


01. Dany Dz – Stolen Dreams (Dowden Remix) 00:00

02. ODAX – Increase Your… (Original Mix) 06:25

03. Cream (PL) – Sandpo (Nicolas Rada Remix) 14:13

04. Leon Lobato – Retro Love (GastoM Remix) 21:34

05. Namatjira – Hemera (Original Mix) 28:39

06. Kay-D – A Smiling Angel (Dany Dz Remix) 34:57

07. Katrin Souza – Butterflies In My Tummy (Julian Liander & Arnaud Cordova Remix) 43:20

08. Paul Hamilton & Anartist – Dialo (Julian Nates Remix) 49:38

09. BiGz, Soire, Below Bangkok – Potent Patterns (Alan Cerra Remix) 56:59

10. Soulmade (AR) – Separate Ways (Original Mix) 1:03:34


Johnny M – Harmonization | 2021 Deep Progressive House Set | DEM Radio Podcast

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a so called Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way!

By now y’all should know the science, especially if you’ve been riding with me, y’all should know how I play!

Manifesting the terrific outcome, celebrating by pulling out the drum; letting the music play is how we’re living!

Trying not to be outdone, putting this work in of a breakbeat scientific nature; this is how we’re living!

Once again it’s on, O-Dog Day Partying in the heart of this thing / in the midst of the ongoing madness!

Check out the playlist and this mix from Johnny M – Harmonization | 2021 Deep Progressive House Set | DEM Radio Podcast


01. Frankie M & Luke Hunter – Distant Ocean (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix) 00:00

02. Alan Cerra – Cabrub (Original Mix) 06:52

03. Augusto Dassano – Moon Caress (Original Mix) 14:16

04. Paul Angelo, Don Argento – Dioptra (Original Mix) 20:37

05. Julian Nates – Trigger (Original Mix) 26:26

06. Ruben Karapetyan – Ambrosia (Kamilo Sanclemente Remix) 32:47

07. DNYO – Halcyon (Original Mix) 39:20

08. Adventure Tale – Abyss (Teklix Remix) 46:20

09. Leo Perez & Andre Moret – Sol Da Meia Noite (JFR Remix) 52:41

10. Dysco – Ramla Nights (Fabri Lopez Remix) 59:50

Night Shadows | Deep Progressive House Set | 2019 Mixed By Johnny M | DEM Radio Podcast

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday, of course we’ll take it back to the future..

That’s how we do things, retro-futuristic business is the business; the conflict is crucial..

Similar to the US vs Iran conflicts, perpetrators contradict one another like Trump vs Bolton...

So what’s up man? as the Summer Solstice approaches jazz, funk, hip hop, house music and soul music is utilized; beats will bump, once again it’s on!!

So what’s up man? we moved on!! on this Thursday evening we’re in the night shadows listening to Night Shadows | Deep Progressive House Set | 2019 Mixed By Johnny M | DEM Radio Podcast

Check out the playlist and the mix as we get retro-futuristic; sounds will blast!!


01. Platunoff – Wasted Time (Andrea Cassino Remix) 00:00

02. Radek K – Someone Like You (Gaston Ponte Remix) 07:43

03. Dmitry Molosh – Edge (Original Mix) 16:15

04. Michael A – Ellipsis (Original Mix) 21:17

05. Fabri Lopez – Divine Air (Christian Monique Remix) 27:54

06. Brian Cid – Light In The Lotus (Original Mix) 34:43

07. Julian Nates – Enjoy The Road (Original Mix) 41:56

08. Suntech & Jhonny Lp – Psychotic Runner (Original Mix) 48:37

09. Nishan Lee – Voice Of Ella (Felipe Michan Remix) 55:11

10. Afterburn – We Go First (Soulkeys Remix) 1:02:31

Now Or Never | 2018 Progressive House Set By Johnny M | DEM Radio Podcast

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday!! of course your dude is getting retro-futuristic with it..

Going back and moving forward; doing it my way, copping an attitude in this and that district..

Causing confusion like Trump vs his own administration concerning Russian collusion? naw, just getting breakbeat scientific!! this good word and the sound is what we’re using!!

This institution for breakbeat scientific studies has been hot since the 90’s, but we had to move on we’re not cruising for bruising..

We’re choosing this  Now Or Never | 2018 Progressive House Set By Johnny M | DEM Radio Podcast ; in the process losing ourselves on this Flashback Friday…

We’re doing it now or never!! taking it back to the future, progressive like Democrats against the mainstream? check out the playlist and the music playing!! you’ll fly away!


01. Viktor Astakhov – Dreams Field (Julian Nates Remix) 00:00

02. Tepes – Weighless (Ge Bruny Remix) 06:33

03. Dustin Nantais – The More You Do (Matan Caspi Remix) 12:35

04. CJ Art – Inter Mundos (Original Mix) 18:05

05. Black 8 & Arrab – Sandwaves (Original Mix) 24:39

06. Soluna & Armandhe – Ozadya (Original Mix) 32:15

07. Alterami – My Universe (Original Mix) 32:15

08. Dustin Nantais – Last Legs (Emi Galvan Remix) 46:41

09. Lanvary – Cerberus (Soulwerk ‘Groovedelic’ Remix) 54:21

10. Martin Kremser – Zama Zamas (Dmitry Molosh Remix) 1:01:27