Deep House Mix | This Is Deep House Afterhours Vol. 1

Digital Crate Digging Continues check these menus as we serve this late night meal..

The Friday Night Fever is the venue, a continuation of the O-Dog Day Party y’all should know the deal!

Y’all should know the real as this Fabulous Friday comes to a close, Flashback Friday principles were also followed…

But this science dropped is appropriate for any time frame rebuking any mind game implemented by those demented! no mistaked are allowed!!

Pump these jams loud! we’re listening to the Rhythm Republic’s Deep House Mix | This Is Deep House Afterhours Vol. 1

Check out the playlist and the mix! on this Friday Night? oh yes, we’re trying to get it right!!  it’s on!

Check this out at Deep House Mix | This Is Deep House Afterhours Vol. 1

Lounge Beats Poolside Vol. 4 | Deep House Lounge Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Thursday evening; excuse us but we’re in the lab chilling!

Throwback Thursday business is handled, y’all should know by now how we’re dealing!

Thankful Thursday also comes to mind, so how are we feeling? grateful!

This work will be of a  spiritual significance as we deal with these and those who are hateful!!

Not taking the bait bro!! we’re lounging listening to Lounge Beats Poolside Vol. 4 | Deep House Lounge Mix courtesy of the Rhythm Republic!

Check out the playlist and the mix as we come with this / getting breakbeat scientific!!

1. Late Night Alumni – Rest of You

2. Exte C – My Way Back (Justin Imperiale Remix)

3. Afterlife – Never Before (Bobby Blanco and Miki Moto Mix)

4. Restless Soul feat. Nathan Haines – After Hours (Dennis Ferrer Remix)

5. Alma Negra – Dakar Disco (Crackazat Remix)

6. Blaze, UDAUFL feat. Ultra Nate – A Wonderful Place (Bobby&Steve & James Ratcliff Afro Mix)

7. Joss Moog – Call Me

8. Rick Wade – Stay (Guri Remix)

9. Manabu Nagayama – Low Tension (Jimpster Remix)

10. Jon Silva – Have To Talk (Marc Cotterell’s Sax Trip Mix)

11. Jaidene Veda – Who Knew (Veda Vocal Mix)

12. Laurence Guy – Edelweiss

Love Underground · VOL 18 | Deep House

Digital Crate Digging Continues, check us out as this HumpDay Extravaganza set gets underway…

It’s going down like this, somebody might be able to understand this and how we’re trying to play..

We see how these others are trying to play, they’re shady!! rolling like Daniel Cameron concerning the Breonna Taylor case..

We see how these others are trying to play, they’re shady!! they’ll walk out like Donald Trump on interviews with Lesley Stahl, so what’s up y’all? they probably got on his case..

Beats bump and check the style, we’re on the case!! listening to Love Underground · VOL 18 | Deep House, it’s a Grau Selection..

Beats bump and check the style!! check out the playlist and the mix as we drop this house music / jazzdance on your section…

1 – Linkwood Family – Miles Away – 00:00…

2 – Mr Fingers – Sands Of Aruba (Original Mix) – 08:23…

3 – Zito Mowa – Bop Skip Doodle – 13:06…

4 – Hobie – When It All Shakes Out – 18:00…

5 – Joss Moog – Relative Love (Original Mix) – 22:05…

6 – Soul Minority – N.A.S.T.Y. – 27:04…

7 – Baaz – Stillike – 30:22…

8 – Sizz Nickrhome – Of The Grid – 35:41…

9 – Edit Murphy – Maybe One Day We Can Be Friends (Original Mix) – 40:08…

10 – 800 Girls – U, Me, And Madonna – 43:21…

11 – Gutinstinct – Untitled Green (Original Mix) – 47:20…

Deep House Mix 2019 · Love Underground · Grau Selection

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday…

Claiming the terrific outcome so we’ll drop this good word and pull out the drum to let the music play…

The O-Dog Day Party is underway, you heard?  if not?  maybe it’s a good time to get into it / get involved…

Smoke / fog enhanced by mirrors navigated? we’re rolling, leaving safe harbors / safe havens; problems solved?

These jokers advanced, problems fixed in the mix? we evolved, leaving the comfort zone for a minute or two..

Some may have danced to this Deep House Mix 2019 · Love Underground · Grau Selection; check the playlist and the selections to see what it do!!


1 – Nick Holder – What I Feel (Original Mix) – 00:00

2 – Baltimore Chop – Ma Peepl – 04:54

3 – Delano Smith ft Diamondancer – Message for the DJ (Jimpster Remix) – 09:48

4 – Lady Blacktronika – Holdin ‘Back The Feelin’ (Original) – 15:43

5 – Prommer & Barck Feat. Lois Logerling – Lovin’ (André Lodemann Remix) – 20:40

6 – Jakobin & Domino – High Moments (Original Mix) – 26:06

7 – Sonz Of The Pitch – Rola Pedra (Joss Moog Remix) – 32:28

8 – Krywald & Farrer – Blue Brother (Original Mix) – 35:40

9 – Washerman – Tell Me – 41:38

10 – Joss Moog – Call Me – 45:35

11 – Demuja – Do You Want My Love – 50:47

End – Lights Out by Ronin