Joshua Redman Elastic Band – News from the Front

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Flashback Friday; this is the vibe that’s exhibited…

Christmas Day just passed, Holiday celebrations were underway, plus that Friday Feeling is exhibited..

O-Dizzle let’s the music play!! hip hopping and jazzing it up earlier, that’s the kind of work expected from a brotha!! you dig? 

The dizzle? it’s real just like the struggle is, spazzing was an option but instead we’re good word dropping, you dig?

This is breaking news from a breakbeat scientist, news from the front lines!! plus, we’ll bring the sound!!

O-Zone? breaking bad or breaking north?  listening to the Joshua Redman Elastic Band  with News from the Front; they didn’t front!! check out the players and the sound!!

Check this out at Joshua Redman Elastic Band – News from the Front

Joshua Redman Elastic Band – Still Pushin’ That Rock

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday, where things can play out either way..

We’re claiming the positive / terrific outcome, dues paid! now we’ll drop this good word and follow our motto; “Let The Music Play”

Let us pray was the advice from the minister so we’ll take his advice; now this minister of music O-Dizzle will move forward after paying the price; he’s dropping this good sound!!

Let us play this good music!! meanwhile  that minister of information O-Zone will let you know what’s going on; this is how it’s going down..

Using this good word and the sound to combat the misinformation like the GOP’s so called defense of Trump in impeachment hearings…

Dropping this good sound from the Joshua Redman Elastic Band with a track called Still Pushin’ That Rock; some good jazz is what you’re hearing..

I don’t know if they’re referring to jokers in the hood pushing that rock, or players like Lebron James and Anthony Davis pushing that rock for the LA Lakers..

The Joshua Redman Elastic Band? it’s Joshua Redman (Saxes), Sam Yahel (Organ,Key), Brian Blade (Drums); they’re putting it down they’re not fakers!!

Check this out at Joshua Redman Elastic Band – Still Pushin’ That Rock