José James – Code (The Brooklyn Sessions) (Official Audio)

Sunday Jazz Continues check us out as we broadcast live from a remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta!

Sunday morning transitions into Sunday afternoon, we’re chilling out dropping this good word and a tune or two, check the vibe! somebody will understand a Brotha! 

Just trying to get our minds right check the insights plus the vibe we’re doing this for the tribe! just trying to boost the morale check the style as we try to provide inspiration!

Just trying to loose the chains of the foul as they try to amp up their instigation!

Rocking this nation, actually the universe as we reverse the curse coming through like Jose James with the Code!!

This is considered the Brooklyn Sessions, from Rainbow Blonde Records proudly presenting the 10th anniversary edition of José James’ seminal “Blackmagic.” project; please believe me it’s on code!!


Nicola Conte – Like Leaves In The Wind

Sunday Jazz Continues!! excuse a dude as he tries to smooth things out…

The saga / struggle continues lose a dude if your uncouth like Trump; now, per the whistleblowers? things are out..

The saga / struggle continues!! as I mentioned smooth sounds are on these menus as the evening winds down..

The saga / struggle continues!! paid attention even though funds are low; still going for what I know!! minds aren’t turned down..

No bridges burned down, might have to use them as escape routes as these winds of change blow..

Listening to Nicola Conte with Like Leaves In The Wind; check out the players and the track!! things change but still going for what we know!!