Full Moon Madness / January Capricorn-Cancer Edition

Once again its on!! its like me and dude were discussing “something just ain’t right”

… That’s word from Keith Sweat!! please!! we were dealing with the polar vortex now it’s the Alberta Clipper!! but you might see me break out in a Cold Sweat per James Brown   as haters put their games down!! “they ain’t right” 

….blaming it on the full moon madness?  somebody said we can’t fight the feeling!

 Blaming it on a fool who had this?  like Chris Christie? or in Georgia some were like Nathan Shady Dealing! 

No health care?  no healing!!  please!! in Georgia? the poor will get thrown under the bus! 

Stealth when we go there!!  its the real thing / authentic when we kick it!! strategies for dealing with the full moon madness!

Check out the rest of this article at..THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Full Moon Madness / January Capricorn-Cancer Edition.


The Green Light; Per John Legend

Dipping down Memorial Drive in Stone Mountain…spotted the green light up ahead!!  “I’m ready to go right now” …thats per John Legend!

….He had help from Andre 3000!!  meanwhile O-Dizzle drops funk plus he’s hip hopping them and housing them!! arousing them?  an urban legend?

Trying to take it up a thousand..trying to keep it one hundred…check the math dropped..legendary like Lux Experiments concerning dark matter?

Trying to take it up a thousand…sometimes stuck..like Iran nuclear programs because of Stuxnet…whats up with it? no legendary status…others kept waiting in the dark..they said it doesn’t matter…

Whats the dizzle?  I don’t know!!  the way things are working for a bruh lately ?  no legendary status will be acquired!

Whats the dizzle?  its rough out here!!!  the thought and fashion police conspired!

Whats the dizzle?  The NSA spied on us..plus Allies!!  they jacked Yahoo and Google!

Whats the dizzle?  even Aaron’s Rentals spied on us!!  others lied on us…all these jokers act brand new with a bruh!

The reign began with a drizzle!!    now its full-blown! I’m just trying to maintain!! now some jokers wonder what I’m on!

The reign began with a drizzle!!  once again its on!  my folk are going through the pain..but thats business as usual in this Babylon zone!!

Once again its on!  whats that up ahead? whats the vibe? like John Legend mentioned; is it the green light?

Once again its on! the mothership passed the emissions test..slapped the 2014 license tag on it…soon leaving this solar system like Voyager 1…last time I was seen? I was in flight!!


Clearance Rack Epiphanies…Still Not For A Limited Time Only..

Enjoy it while you can I was told; like Taylor Swift told Harry Styles..its for a limited time only!

Like low gas prices under $3 dollars a gallon for the holiday; but  now up to $3.35 a gallon..now check your styles…spotted at the Dollar Tree  …previously Old Navy , Gap,  and Limited only!

Check the ongoing crisis..the old navy was surprised by the North Korea missile test!!  please!!  also by Iran’s!

Its cold like Russia!!  please!!  I Felt The Pressure!!  now dropping these clearance rack epiphanies hoping somebody will understand!

As the mothership lands on earth…no clearance was given for that by NASA!

As a brother gets scientific like someone facing foreclosure;  contacting NACA!

Another looking for closure will “holla atcha”  ….said they had the green light like John Legend!

….Or Andre 3000;  the devil will oppose ya..him and a caste of thousands; soon your a martyr or urban legend!

Speed you need in an Audi 5000 or Acura Legend? spotted swerving down I-85 in Atlanta!

True indeed !!  arousing the masses..legendary!!  all the way live like Lakeside… a Kenny Rogers type gambler!

True indeed!!  check these clearance  rack epiphanies;  Transmitting Live!!   always in season..not just around the holidays!

True indeed!!  as we proceed..carrying a Sword of Truth;  the good word is dropped as the brand new funk plays!