They’ll Put You In A Trick Bag PT.2 (The Saga / Struggle Continues)

It’s going down!! I can’t let jokers just roll up on me like Russian Bomber Patrols in the Gulf of Mexico !!  maybe I’ll show them where my heart will be!! as I *Say A Few Words*  dropping math per four, five, sixing it? please believe me!!

Victimized?  you’ll get played!! you’ll get put in a trick bag!! you’ll fall into a trap!!!  haters were fixing it!! like the GOP agenda for 2015 folks try to deceive you and me.

Politicians kicked those lies!! I can’t believe they had me stranded out in the Babylon wilderness!!

Did like Ms. Peters told me in the 4Th grade;  I put my thinking cap on!! these days it’s either a brim l like I was Big Bank Hank (R.I.P) or I rock the Louisville Cardinal hat!! maybe you can feel this!!

Knew what the street does!! knowing what the deal is!! you’ll be put in a trick bag!! I put on an oxygen mask until US and China get the emissions straight plus I rock a hard hat with the lantern on it just like miners wear in caves…

Wandering through the Babylon Wilderness  / the darkness / the grey area scenario; where it’s hip if one misbehaves….

…Where money enslaves the best of us!!  weary!! there’s no rest for us!! We just got to have it!!!!

It’s like that!!! shelter, eating, drinking!!  survival? now that’s  not a bad habit!!

We’ll be put in a trick bag for it!! Meanwhile O-Zone and O-Dog come back with it!!!

Rock, Soul, Jazz, Funk fusion!!  winning? losing? you just got to feel it!!!

Playing the sounds for you!! that’s what we deal with!!  those that are feeling us are checking us out!!!

Praying for you!!  send one up for me!! we could all be put in a trick bag!!  with those that are waiting in the darkness?  I could be wrecking out!!!



It Goes Down…

It goes down….from Sandy Hook with Adam Lanza to out in Aurora with James Holmes…discussed this with the prophets while prophesying

….about how it can go down anywhere! it’s no joke like Tony Danza…please!!  its all natural!! like an Aurora Borealis…whats up Holmes?  you should know what the deal is!! it shouldn’t be surprising..

Some were compromising….unlike the gun control debate…meanwhile others rushed this or that!!  now we have accidents!! now some are caught out there!

Some like us are sizing up the opposition..with fresh visions of cold crushing it!! rolling  with The Sonic Blackjack..fighting back!! please!! its rough out there!

Facing opposition…some crushed this or that!!  another persons dreams are shattered!

Some flushed it all down the toilet!!  like drug dealers during the raid…said they were paid!!  so it never really mattered!

Some trusted it…the system…now bruised and battered like running up against  the gauntlet…

…Like the Baltimore Ravens per Ed Reed and Ray Lewis!  check the bumps and bruises for those that fronted and flaunted..

Now the Ravens are rolling with Elvis Dumervil …from Denver by way of Louisville..Ray Lewis and Ed Reed have  left the building…

Like Superman..whats the deal? others scattered… misbehaving….but were acting like we knew this! please!! we kept on running..we weren’t stopping or yielding!!

Acting brand new man!! after we did the knowledge…some of it secret;  not clueless as it goes down!

Good mileage gotten on the mothership!!  whats up with it?  back down to earth dropping funk …O-Dizzle throws down!