I’m Out Here Like It’s The Middle Of The Day

We’re in here; *All Up In The House*  but what’s it all about? I See Reason Gave Way To Madness..

O-Dog? oh!! he  had house music, drum and bass, hip hop, plus jazz was used; this is part of the *Natural Process*

Donald Trump type of smoke and fog enhanced by mirrors  was the method used by those administering the reign of terror!! I’m trying to cool out,  but flagrant agents were stressing me, but I’m fighting back!

Throughout it all the Lord is blessing me!!! beats will thump and this good word is dropped while out here on the frontlines;  haters tried to flex / front on mine but like Greece we’re fighting back!!

Plans for arresting  me and my people are in the database, something about martial law, but some of us have escape plans like El Chapo!!

Joaquin Guzman, I’m not acting brand new man!! the devil will oppose was what the old school baptist preacher said to this man, so whatcha know?

Joaquin Joe Claussell plays in the background as I dip down I-20 in Atlanta, trying to get free and stay free but something keeps pulling me back into the game, but I rose to the occasion;  told my altitude was determined by my attitude..

Floating, as I go sail through the universe!! rose through space again like the New Horizons spacecraft out by Pluto!! oh!! I’m on these Mystic Voyages; I calculated the Longitude and Latitude

Throughout history? plans to stone and curse my people are revealed!! oh!! I’m not spaced out with this math even though Plutonian Martian Chronicles were developed due to lab techniques...

Incognegro when I’m dipping through!!  thought and fashion police try to interface!! Reddit, Google, Yahoo and other portals tried to sweat the techniques!!

In the Book of Negroes? name not listed? am I through? naw!! like FSU players vs women I continue clashing with these freaks that come out at night, plus Walking Dead types roaming in the day…

Negro please is what the masses told me as I write this!! but  I’m not going dark, I’m out here where the light is, like it’s the middle of the day…