“Vinyl Sessions Vol.17” (A Soulful House Mix) by DJ Spivey

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Thankful Thursday, so called because it’s a blessing to be here! gratitude is shown!

Throwback Thursday business is also considered as we get breakbeat scientific simultaneously to getting retro futuristic; once again it’s on!

 Oh yes!! once again it’s on as we interrupt very briefly, we’re back after a brief hiatus!! it’s going down from here in Atlanta to up in Louisville and on up to Chicago!!

Oh yes!! along with Detroit? Chicago is known for that house music, “y’all should know how it go”.

…as we go for what we know; up in Chicago rolling down Lakeshore, now we’re back out here on I-20 in Atlanta “y’all should know the score”;  we’re coming through listening to “Vinyl Sessions Vol.17” (A Soulful House Mix) by DJ Spivey.

Check out the playlist and the mix as we do our due diligence; we’ll O-Dog Day Party to this!! all the way live is how it’ll be!!

Check this out at “Vinyl Sessions Vol.17” (A Soulful House Mix) by DJ Spivey

Chilled Hip Hop And Neo Soul Mix #24

Digital crate digging continues on a Music Monday, since it’s also Christmas Day it feels like a Sunday Jazz type of day..

The saga / struggle continues!! the music will play as I make my way!! moves made after I pray..

Mentioned that Lord Help is the battle cry, evil we’ll defy one way or another, word from a brotha!

Attention paid, can’t lie I’m still broke financially and spiritual demons are still at war with a brotha!!

Affecting the physical? fighting back as I get metaphysical while listening to Chilled Hip Hop And Neo Soul Mix #24

This is courtesy of Rafael  some will know the deal!! check out the playlist and the mix!! Scaling back things a bit,  hardcore hip hop played at Random Thoughts From a Brotha; check out the playlist and the mix for this one; check the score..


1. 00:00 / Enter Her Abode (Interlude) – Mndsgn

2. 01:20 / Blossoms – Potatohead People

3. 04:32 / One for Jay – Evil Needle

4. 05:51 / Let You Go – Moonchild

5. 08:53 / USAYUDO – Asal Hazel Prod. Mndsgn

6. 11:11 / Cultivate – DJ Mitsu The Beats

7. 13:13 / Welcome To My Universe – Tom Misch

8. 14:18 / Next to You – Mac Ayres

9. 16:37 / Find Me, Beep Me – Dwele

10. 18:39 / I Wonder (feat. Iamddb + Fox) – The Mouse Outfit

11. 21:49 / Freedom (feat. Louis VI) – Blue Lab Beats

12. 24:53 / 2am Vibes (feat Monma) – Mecca:83

13. 26:34 / Listen To Your Love (DJ Mitsu Remix) – Jazztronik

14. 30:53 / Cocoa – B. Cool-Aid

15. 33:39 / Ill Vibe (Jake Milliner Remix) – Busta & Q-Tip

16. 36:02 / Sam Cooke & Marvin Gaye (feat. Kojey Radical & Tiana Major9) – Blue Lab Beats

17. 39:44 / Still Waiting – Curtis Lewis

18. 43:46 / Up Above My Head – Jack Herrera

19. 47:36 / Right There – Moka Only

20. 49:59 / Doin It (Til The End) – Freddie Joachim

21. 51:51 / Expectations – Stan Forebee

22. 53:04 / Sour Grapes – OthaSoul

23. 55:26 / Settle Down – Imaginary Homie

24. 57:23 / Past & Present – Evil Needle