Part Of A Bigger Plan (The Concept Is Revisited) Part Four

Catch us getting busy on this Monday morning that pulled up on us, it’s all part of a bigger plan. 

Actually? it’s a blessing to be here / a blessing to see it! it’s a bonus!  reminding ourselves if we’re caught up in an unpleasant situation!

You might catch us way way out there! intergalactic gambits are taken due to a celestial obsession. But these fanatics with bad habits always face fierce opposition when on our missions! we faced extraterrestrial aggression.

Poor us acting erratic / irrational as local / national / international and intergalactic psychologists and other social scientists ask us why, is it an intricate mystery?

But a porous portal opened! of course we’ll slide through / we dipped, we made history. 

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Trying To Stay Ahead In The Game (Part Seven)

Another Monday morning has rolled around,  it’s a blessing to be here! so it’s time to put some work in!

We’re working it all out, trying to stay ahead in the game! we’ll have to put the work in!

Had to admit everything is not working, adjustments will need to be made!

Ear shattering gunshots exploded, the situation is out of control from Highland Park Illinois to Uvalde Texas to Buffalo, to even at the Greenwood Mall up in Indianapolis check out the ongoing charade!

Plus some Trump insurrectionists were supposedly large and in charge, oh the pride of place.

Sending their own electors to the Electoral College, now what’s up? there’s a sense of urgency in the place..

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Part Of A Bigger Plan; The Concept Is Revisited (Part One)

 So what’s really going on per this Terrible Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way? I’m representing the Ville with a Louisville Cardinals t-shirt on down here in the A-Town; putting it down!! O-Zone was letting the hustlers hustle and all the players play!

Whats up with them? Steve Madden and Stacy Adams wearing!!!  what’s happening? ladies fronting like Bratz engineering?  like today is the day!

Whats up with him? no loathing and fearing, please!!! this is part of a bigger plan.. the Brotha O was laying in the cut doing the knowledge.

Usually found floating through the galaxy; the stream of consciousness! as I mentioned before the mothership gets good mileage!

Who’s foul with this or that? price gouging like oil companies even though the media steps up to defend them!! haters can’t run these!! I let them go on about their business.

Knowing where I am or where I’m at;  this is part of a bigger plan!!  I’m peeping game like the James Webb Space Telescope or even like the January 6 Committee; I’m even peeping game from the street committee!!  there’s no ecological ignorance.

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Doing The Knowledge / Jumping and Recognizing (Part Six)

We’re writing this on a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday, so called because things can go either way! 

The science dropped is appropriate for any time frame, by now y’all should know what the style is / how we play!

Plus, per doing the knowledge? we know what the style is / how these jokers play; like the Trump insurrection the puppet master will wreak havoc / chaos / mayhem.

Forecasters? busy! after jumping to conclusions per recognizing the pattern like the January 6 Committee check out the information overload, they’ll leak info that’s sibylline.

…something about a downfall, so what’s up y’all? check out how matters go into a tailspin!

A vigilante was called! light vs dark? not waiting in the dark! per doing the knowledge in this story the light will win.

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