James Brown – Make It Funky – Pts. 1 & 2

Digital Crate Digging Continues….Memorial Day…R.I.P to those that made the ultimate sacrifice…in another realm I’m posting music from artists/ musicians no longer with us…check out James Brown with Make It Funky PT.1 and 2…

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: James Brown – Make It Funky – Pts. 1 & 2.

I’m Just A Funky Type Of Soul Brotha

I’m a funky type of soul brotha; that’s how I make it…I’m a relative of James Brown!

A family / club member; had to remind myself…I had to remember…its all game when we get down!

….Because its all game when it goes down here in Babylon..I had to remember..wasn’t distracted by the ongoing chaos and confusion…some like Chris Bosh…crying because they’re losing..plus I’m surrounded by player of the year candidates! 

Wasn’t living a plush life….not even a lush life per Nat King Cole..how did I roll?  was I losing my standing because I’m a Louisvillian /  Louisvillain?   I once chilled with the bandits!

…..During the toil and strife…coming through with reckless abandon was the style!! I wasn’t pimping like Herman Cain and John Edwards!

Not running ponzi schemes like Madoff or Zuckerburg but still representing Louisville / Newburg;  still part of the hood networks! check out the rest of this article at Random Thoughts From A Brotha: I’m Just A Funky Type Of Soul Brotha.