Prepare Yourself / It’s Going Down (Part Ten)

Alas, another Monday morning has pulled up on us, retailers calculate the cost since this is Cyber Monday;  it’s a blessing / bonus , so get hype!  prepare yourself; its going down!

Brotha O? doing the damn thing!  some say acting a fool up in this piece when I’m all about peace, dropping this good word and the sound!

O-Dizzle? oh!! he’s the minister of defense in case something jumps off, weaponizing the sound teaching jokers a lesson with the Sonic Blackjack! check out how we “holla back” with  these sounds and words from the night aka the blue hours. 

The reign began with a drizzle check the paradigm shift out here; it’s going down even when I wrote this in those wee hours. 

So what’s the dizzle? prepare yourself, I keep telling y’all it’s rough out here! it’s easy to make a reckless decision. 

Positivity vs having cruel thoughts? we fight back with these sonic assaults! word to those asking how are we living!

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Clifford Jordan Quartet– John Coltrane

Sunday Jazz Continues check us out as we come through on this Sunday evening, as this Thanksgiving Holiday weekend  comes to a close.

The saga / struggle continues as we put it down like this; only the devil and his advocates will oppose. 

Brotha O? excuse me as compose / drop this good word while my alter ego O-Dizzle will drop the beat. 

Prepare Yourself!! It’s Going Down like this as we put it down from out in the galaxy to church pews to out in those streets. 

The matrix architects alt shift delete strategy is repelled with this sound as we come through with this classic jazz track from the Clifford Jordan Quartet with a track called John Coltrane!!

This is from their Glass Bead Games project; some will tell you it’s all game, those who are hip to that concept! check out the players and the track!! it’s a large world / universe somebody will understand!!

Drums, Percussion – Billy Higgins

Piano – Stanley Cowell

Producer – Clifford Jordan Jr.

Tenor Saxophone – Clifford Jordan

Violin [Bass] – Bill Lee

It’s Going Down / We’re Putting It Down Like This!! (Part Ten)

Check us out! It’s going down!!  we’re putting it down like this on a Terrible  / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way.

Emphasis will be placed on a terrific outcome then we’ll set off the O-Dog Day Party celebrating in advance as we let the music play! 

Let us pray will also be the move; Lord Help! Lord Help! will be the battle cry as we proceed and continue!

Check us out as we come through, this good word and the funky sound will be on our menus. 

It’s Going Down!  we’re putting it down like this, check us out! words jumped off the page as soon as they’re wrote. 

They bumped off positivity like a mafia contract? no but accusations were made during the ongoing charade now this is considered hazardous material  / considered dark notes.

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It’s Going Down / We’re Putting It Down Like This!! (Part Nine)

It’s Going Down!! even as this Sunday morning shifts into Sunday afternoon catch us Putting It Down Like This!

Of course we’re still out here on the frontline of spiritual warfare, as the saga / struggle continues!  we continue to fight this!

Rejuvenated, now like Democrats in the Mid-Term Elections were showing and proving /  moving and grooving you know! we resonate veins of being!

Illuminated? we did the mathematics plus peeped game put down by MAGA style fanatics, now a rebellious nature after hearing / seeing. 

Turmoil in fertile soil? brewed like bootleg liquor / moonshine in Kentucky backwoods or fabricated like steel in a foundry or smelter. 

My blood will boil, trying to figured out what’s up y’all? up in Kentucky they re-elected Rand Paul instead of moving forward with Charles Booker!! we recoil due to the ongoing helter- skelter.

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It’s Going Down / We’re Putting It Down Like This!! (Part Seven)

We’re coming through on this so called Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way!

It’s going down! we’re putting it down like this, as we drop this good word and let the music play! 

O-Zone? the let us pray advice from the old school Baptist preacher from up in Louisville is taken, but we heard the word from another cat out there, known as a field of dreams navigator.

From those city streets to out in the meadows? due to debatable circumstances now ghosts in bloom…

…that’ll soon blossom; they’ll meddle, soon punching over their weight class with no class leading to betrayal.

That secret knowledge / secret religion is revealed! was it like Hebrews to Negroes check the styles / steelos/ now participants face doom.

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Roy Haynes – Quiet Fire

Sunday Jazz Continues as we rock these venues, I already mentioned it’s going down; we’re putting it down like this!

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on as the toil and strife goes on but we’re putting it down like this!

The saga / struggle continues, per GOP Talking Points in the Mid Term Elections the GOP tries to blame Joe Biden for all the economic woes..

..when corporations are price gouging and raking in off the chart profits; don’t tell me y’all don’t know how the story goes!

We won’t abort operations, Brotha O goes on with his bad self! not getting cut off or canceled like Kanye or Kyrie; the sound is weaponized as we come through with this jazz funk from Roy Haynes with a track called Quiet Fire!

Word up, like the old school hip hop catch phrase!! check out the players and the track!! this is how we’re coming through, like a quiet fire!!

Bass – Cecil McBee
Drums – Roy Haynes
Percussion – Kenneth Nash
Piano – George Cables
Written-By – George Cables

It’s Going Down / We’re Putting It Down Like This!! (Part Five)

On this Fabulous Friday / Flashback Friday conjunction? check us out as concepts are revisited like upcoming family reunions per the approaching holiday season!

It’s going down! check the functions, we’re putting it down like this! taking the next step / hitting the reset button during this Scorpio Season!

It’s going down, we’re putting it down like this but like GOP election deniers the sport is full of treason! in Atlanta I spotted homie; after seeing the street pharmacist dude exhibited a demonic smile!

Soon he’s trying to clown, he walked amongst the TV Series like Walking Dead soon evolving into beautiful funerals and graves; the preacher mentioned they were good people during the eulogy! damn! that’s some kind of lifestyle!

It’s going down! he’s putting it down like that and this! he balled out there in a kaleidoscope of shadows.

It’s going down! but the devil and his advocates were busy so he stalled out there! a state of lost hope, but at home in the shadows.

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It’s Going Down (Part Six)

 Check us out as we proceed and continue on this Flashback Friday by dropping the good word plus letting the music play!  

It’s Going Down, true indeed just look around bear witness to how these jokers play! 

It’s Going Down! from here in Atlanta to your area check the mass hysteria as these October Surprises play out in front of us like the GOP vs democracy

It’s going down, somebody will understand a brotha and they won’t be surprised by the hypocrisy 

…in the midst of Scorpio Season the sport is full of treason per this 2020 election…

It’s Going Down! you can find this Scorpio peeping game especially since the Taurus Full Moon will soon confront your section..

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