Putting It Down Like This; Spiritual Significance In This Operation..

As we proceed and continue..chilling on this Thanksgiving holiday….its like this and like that and a!

True indeed!  folk tried to “holla at me”  like cease fires in the Gaza...asking me..how am I living? but didn’t really understand a brah!

Whatcha need? some are looking for a beacon of hope..checking the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade;  some ask me..what’s up with a brah?  I told them everybody is going through it..in search of deliverance!

True indeed!!  as we put it down like this…like NATO deploying missiles in Turkey…who will work with me?  with this operation that has spiritual significance!

Some wonder what the deal is..they thought I was somebody else…then asking me where I’ve been;  when I was here all the time!

Wonders of the universe were checked out like Pluto and Makemake while observing the scene; soon ready to roll..in due time!

Brothas in the hood don’t do all the crime… check insider trading on Wall Street by SAC Capital; …plus local, national, or international politicians were on a mission…they’re the culprits!

The Deliberate Falsehood is in full effect …you know these jokers are corrupt with this!

Whose acting false in the hood? like City Council meeting drama with Cory Booker…every obstacle possible is the by product of their plotting and scheming!

This operation has spiritual significance… reality slaps me upside the head to tell me I’m not dreaming!

Trying to take it to the hole like Lebron and them..but society is double and triple teaming me;  or even playing a zone defense!

Like Israel’s Iron Dome…what’s up Holmes? please!! we didn’t fake it until we make it like some roll;  there’s spiritual significance in this operation..check the Sonic Assault on this danger zone…where offense is the best defense!


THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Good Luck With That…..Hope That Works For Ya

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Good Luck With That…..Hope That Works For Ya.


Peeped game…saw how it was going down; some will get drafted like Terrelle Pryor by the Oakland Raiders.. I told some good luck with that!

They creeped up in the game like the rebels over in Libya;  I told them I hope that works for them..they said things were phat and all that!

Will offensive and defensive linemen block for them..get hurt for them? its all about teamwork..fall on the sword for the emperor!

As we go on the offensive with this; but we ran into opposition like Israel’s Iron Dome..seems things don’t work!! were just trying to even the score!

Then we might search for more;  a portal opened up…now I’m trying to slide through!

Then we fight like in South Sudan;  we might get hurt….we got more!! checked the casualties; what are we going through?