Diplomatic Immunity (The WordPress Edition)

It got rough on the Eastside per the Jeffersons; so we cut the corner!!  we dipped back to the community.

How did we ride?  God is good all the time and all the time God is good!! damn!!  we realize we had diplomatic immunity.

There’s nowhere to run or hide!!  damn!!  everything is falling apart around me!!  I’m trying to chill.

Good and evil collide / coincide; God’s work is taking place !!  per James Cleveland I’m trying to get peace to be still.

There’s no all star team like Cleveland Cavaliers per Lebron, Kyrie and Kevin!! check out how we’re living!! It’s not odd that blue collar work  is still going down;  that’s how I do things.

Some are acting real cavalier!! It’s not odd that when you chase a dollar the system will make you do things.

Now you need to make inquiries about a diplomatic solution to the ongoing problems.

Per ISIS vs the world?   or even Israelis vs Hamas?  Check the crisis at the front door!!  it’s where the drama was.

The drama unfurled so now  this brotha will be moving… *Spiritually To A New Level Of Consciousness*

Dropping Knowledge; Using Hip-Hop, Jazz, Funk, Rock, when we come with this!!!

Climbing out of the Abyss with this  BreakBeat Science!! * Teaching them and ourselves*

Please!!  it’s a trip sometimes *Check out what we do to ourselves*

So we pull funky sounds off of shelves and out of boxes; WE COME TO ROCK THIS!!

Moving; Grooving;  **Spiritually To A Level Of Consciousness**

The Relocation: Terrible / Terrific Tuesday Edition

Check the relocation…it’s like  the loss leaders..Atlanta ex-homeowners moving because of foreclosure

Check the vocation …dropping this good word at The Sonic Assault  and other spots after hell was caught…a brotha is just looking for closure…

Check the occasion…actually? the devil will oppose you in all of them….it’s easy to take a loss…even like Brazil to Germany in the World Cup…

Check the occasion..Next Level moves are made by a brotha on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday…check the perspective…..positive vs negative in a world we know  that’s corrupt..

So what’s up? the funk is playing along with the good word..dues we pay…actually? we’re due a rebate…

So what’s up? how are some playing it? plans can go astray like malfunctioning Six Flags rides in Valencia California…plus on thin ice? some skate…

Some wait too late to try to flex..like Harrison Ford injured on the Star Wars set..soon they’ll get attacked like Israel vs Hamas…

Some realize the sport is complex…soon they’re not on one accord or not in sync with how it goes down…soon some will play it like Leonardo DiCaprio..trying to  look like Jack Nicholson does..

Some realize the sport is complex…sick like smallpox vials found in a FDA storage room..

Some chase the prize…the next..trying to see where Lebron James will land..after meeting in a Las Vegas conference room…

I’m rocking a Las Vegas tourist T-Shirt, nondescript blue jeans and Vans kicks in these games as I type this…Sonic Assaults is how I respond to the madness…

Terrible or Terrific Tuesday? who acts brand new with me? ….as I come back with this…