Famine Or Feast?

We’re all up in the spot like a Malaysia Airline Flight 17 in the Ukraine where it can go either way;  it can be famine or feast.

What’s up y’all? I was just trying to maintain but  the ongoing schemes  or plots will reveal the beauty or the beast.

Gaza Strip aka belly of the beast residents search for benevolence but none was forthcoming.

…To say the least!!!  plus ATL  Gwen Guthrie  type wannabe divas told these ATL wannabe macks there’s no romance without finance!!  so none was forthcoming.

…Plus the preacher said no blessings / benevolence without  finance!!  no more tithing?  you’ll get what’s coming to you.

Countrified fakes turn into sanctified or pulpit pimps;  meanwhile O-Dizzle is funky drumming for you.

Country fried steaks sizzle!! but karma is coming for you!! famine or feast?  good or bad?  promotions or hustle knocking?

Storms blow through from the Great Lakes to the Gulf Coast;  down here in the ATL players brag and boast!!  but whose victimized by either cock blocking or block rocking?

Jokers on Boulevard in the ATL or International out in Oakland on the West Coast were flexing in v-neck t-shirts or wife-beater  t-shirts!!  plus they’re rocking doo rags or stocking caps;  will they bring justice or peace?

What it do? coping strategies fail so act like you knew!!  it can be famine or feast.

What it do? wishing and hoping for peace in the Middle East?  please “it ain’t happening”

Act like you knew…it’s mostly famine instead of feast in District 9 scenarios; that’s what’s happening..




The Return Engagement / (The Relocation Edition)

Breakbeat science is dropped….but we’re rolling through a different neighborhood…..we were evicted from Blogster…like foreclosed homes in Atlanta….

Fake when we cosmic slopped? naw!! we’re real with it…plus check this good word; the Captain’s Log is updated…who’ll understand a brotha?

We never quit and never stopped…check out this next level business that’s going down!!

What’s at stake? we hip hopped, jazzed it up, plus dropped funk when we came to this  neighborhood…this is how it’s going down…

What’s at stake? pleas are copped…some will be deported like children from Honduras

What’s at stake? the madness hasn’t stopped…like the ongoing drama in the Gaza Strip..it seems the arch nemesis is on the premises...

What’s at stake? hope will diminish for some..soon they’re caught out there like Jose Antonio Vargas.

Breakbeat scientific business is the response to this and that…but jokers try to stretch the negotiations out like Iran Nuclear Talks…why did they start this?

Please!! check out this Return Engagement…we’re back in the heart of this after a brief hiatus..we were Seaboarding

Check out the Return Engagement….we’re back in the heart of this…similar to Grey Area / Bay Area Scenarios….when we were West Coasting….

What are the terms of engagement? we’re putting work in!! no rest for the weary!! plus there’s no coasting or slacking….

What are the terms of endearment?  please!! there’s no love….some will fear that!! the hustlers hustle and the players play..some even call themselves macking…





It’s Like This!! It’s Like This It’s Like This!!

It’s going down!! these  revelations are biblical…the cliche? it will be it is what it is.

That’s the catch phrase / cliché ….these days? unlike Israel vs Hamas cycles are broken..or maybe like Germany winning the World Cup…what’s up? I don’t play!!  this brotha is serious.

This world is corrupt..but this is another phase; check the next level business…it’s going down like this!!

These days?  like Vladimir Putin at the World Cup I’m usually chilling out….I’m in Savannah on the Seaboard as I write this.

But I continue to fight this; what?  spiritual warfare!! damn!! like I said!! I was cooling out but I was drawn back into battle.

The light is shining on those waiting in the dark;  meanwhile I’m dipping down I-95 in the mothership listening to intergalactic funk;  speakers in the trunk rattle.

Just like the donks, boxes and bubbles I spotted rolling over on Tybee Island…just like the ocean smell from the Seaboard the funk stinks!! then a fanatic said it’s like my personality.

Getting crunk per ATLiens? naw!! I’m an outside the box type of brotha…brink of disaster scenarios were acknowledged when I did the knowledge!! damn!!  clones try to get foul with me.

Drones try to dial me up in the program or settings; damn!!  my kind are on the list.

In these danger zones? drop down menus from the toolbar will give slow learners the gist.

Fog and mist were on the menus last year in San Francisco per  Grey Area / Bay Area Scenarios.

O-Dog reflects on Spanish Moss hanging from oak trees in Savannah’s Forsyth Park ; checking out the scenarios.

O-Dog reflects on ATL floss and front scenarios per these wannabe macks and divas  while Hosea Williams marched through Forsyth County back in the day.

Some fail to do the mathematics;  they’ll take a loss when the arch nemesis is on the premises …back in the way.