Intelligent Design

It’s going down!!  the Matrix Architect was busy!!  plenty of bar codes and scanners!!  the program even had a drop down menu.

Get in where you fit in!!  *girls get down on the floor*  per David Banner;  they’ll drop down at these venues.

Plenty of ads on TV / plus banners on buses and taxis / plus menus were posted at the restaurant entrance by the Chef from Hells Kitchen.

Baseball season is around the corner;  slick ones scuffed up the balls when they were pitching.

…Or take air out of the balls like New England  or breeding new jihadists like England;  soon down with ISIS and Boko Haram.

….Or take the air out of embellishments so they don’t hold weight per Republican letters to Iran; the game is not a fair one.

I was blue collar per the uniform with my first name stitched on the front so I carried my own weight; a brotha is using next level intelligence to design this structure.

O-Dog had the Big Bang theory;  check the beats,  repelling haters that corrupt ya!

So what’s up with ya? what’s the theory? man mentions intelligent design while God Laughs!!

So what’s up with ya? what’s the theory? that’s what they ask me!! they see me and mine walking on odd paths!!

Odd when I take these last laughs? God blessed us as intelligent designs beared fruit…

Odd / Outside The Box with this last math? belligerent with mine? please!! breakbeat science is dropped!! the village? I didn’t rape, pillage or loot!!