The Foundation PT.2 (Back To The Roots)

Some were like can I get a what what per Jay Z  after I Let it go!!!  they asked me; So whatcha on??

Please!!!…I can’t really talk!!! I’m too busy typing this good word!! plus like Beyonce spaced out at the ball game  this music puts me in a zone!!

O-Zone? looking somewhat bummy; Scuffed up Tims on,  old out of style  Karl-Kani jeans on!! With a  thermal shirt and Cozumel tourist t-shirt!!

In this danger zone? like ISIS in Iraq the oppressed oppress each other;  please!!  it’s easy to get hurt!!

What am I on? I’m back at the foundation!! I hit the reset button!! but I still get my hands dirty, I do more that type on IBM or HP keyboards!!!!

Got O-DOG to work with me;  jazz, funk and hip hop will be the essence of this discipline; sometimes I play Roland or Yamaha keyboards!!

Higgs Boson / God Particle type scientific business as we work towards our ultimate goal?  check out how we roll!! I told you!! we’re trying  to rock the nation!!!

Who’s bossing?  like Democrats abandoning Obama they’re trying to start with a bro!! I’m holding on to God’s unchanging hand!!  the solid rock foundation.

Didn’t forget the foundation for this BreakBeat Science thing that we do!!

Based on Soul, Funk and Jazz with a twist; because that’s what we do / we do!!

We take it back to the roots, the foundation; Nobody can be you but you!!  we took Steve Arrington’s advice!!

Stayed tuned to upcoming episodes as we hit you up with something nice!!!!!

The Foundation (Back To The Roots)

I hit the reset button; I’m going back to the roots; hopefully planted deep / deep in the ground!

What’s up son? we dealt with drama like Ferguson; What’s it all about ?? O-Zone had his doubts but I get deep into the sound!!

Me and O-DOG get down; that’s how it’s working son!!  we try to spread this sound across the nation!!!

Actually we spread it worldwide or through the universe; where did it all start? Soul, jazz, rock, and funk is the foundation!!

Similar to spiritual matters;  as this world bruises and batters? God is our solid rock foundation!!

Souls scatter  while on this earth? we’re standing on shaky ground like earthquakes in California!!  feel the sensation!!

Hollywood skyscrapers built on California earthquake fault lines?  not a fault of mine!! But the soul sensation of the sound we bring is built on energy like James Brown!!

Funk like Parliament!!  meanwhile in Canada dude shot up the Parliament but that’s not how we get down!!

Who started it? per the drama in Ukraine when things jump off?  you’ll dip!! you don’t want to sit down, you want to get down like Brick, you got to feel it!!!!

Who started it? please!! I’m just trying to maintain!!  mind taken off all the ill issues in this life that we have to deal with!!!

In the Middle East per ISIS?  those folks are feeling it,  even Hezbollah fires missiles!!

Israeli jets drop bombs!! meanwhile in the ATL?  these jackers pull pistols!!

Who will miss you?  some front, flex and get their swag on with material goods then get pistol whipped / cars stolen;  jackers just wanted the rims!!

Whatcha know?? that’s why I stay grounded per the foundation!! this is reality!!! It’s not virtual like the Sims!!!

We Didn’t Come Empty Handed

Once again it’s on!!  check us out!! we’re back down to earth!!  the mothership has landed.

Once again it’s on!! the mothership didn’t crash land or explode  like  the SpaceX test rocket !! were back up in the spot with it!! we didn’t come empty handed.

Jokers get what’s coming to them!!  O-Dizzle is funky drumming for them and those stranded in the Babylon wilderness.

Breakbeat science is dropped as we let these earthlings know what the deal is!

We let them know what the real is like ISIS in Iraq taking over cities and  beheading journalist.

It gets real like that as we roll up on the spot!!  no ice bucket challenges or reading challenges from 50 Cent to Floyd Mayweather; so who’ll work with this?

Some say it’s not working like out in Ferguson  or the other St. Louis suburbs;  that’s because we’re not the ones to accept that status quo.

It’s not working like that!!  for freedom?  the apparatus wants us to quid pro quo.

It’s not working like that!!  check the status!! I see some  rolling like Rick Perry as shady dealings catch up with them…

It’s not working like that!! we left for a minute or two but now were back! we didn’t come back empty handed!! check out this good word and the funky tracks we batch up with them..

This entity landed the mothership on earth after aliens told me how the intergalactic funk should go!!

We learned not to take anything for granted; we can already see that things are dysfunctional…they’re sick like Ebola

The Dog Days Of Summer

Chilling in the ATL aka Hotlanta?  it’s August so these are the dog days of Summer.

The saga / struggle continues;  what’s up with us ? O-Zone has the good word while O-Dog is the funky drummer.

A brotha is not a drug runner down here in Atlanta working with the Mexican Cartels!!  I’m out here getting breakbeat scientific with it!!

…Even though it’s rough out here in Babylon!! it’s not hard to tell!!  but we’re out here dealing with it .

Misery loves company!!  some are chilling with it!!  they’ll soon become collateral damage.

Misery caused by the heat will make some flip!!  like the Gaza Strip crisis vultures keep scores after assessing the damage.

History revealed the culture wars!!  it’s like ISIS rolling through Iraq!! who’s assimilated or is it humiliated? soon the defense objects.

I needed a change of scenery so I chilled out outback on the deck!!  reflecting on hot summer days in Louisville  in the Beecher Terrace and Park Hill projects.

During the dog days of summer?  you can be a goner!!  outback?  the mockingbird sings.

The drama is like the Hunger Games Mockingjay!!  check out what this good word brings.

A brotha peeped the red cardinal outback representing Louisville!! then I spotted the bluejay representing Kentucky!!

A brotha from the Ville knew it was tight in these hoods!! even Tiger Woods struggled during these dog days of summer during the PGA championship up in Kentucky.

Caught In A Moment Of Time..The Relocation

Concepts are revisited…but they’re relocated from the Sonic Assault…while I was caught in a moment of time.

Demands were listed or unlisted..those related per Elyjah Marrow and Ice T will get caught up in crime…

I had the gist of it…loved or hated?  astrologers said this New Moon in Cancer aspects Jupiter.

It’s going down as I write this!!  issues aren’t debated.. you can spot me where the light is!!  I just might act brand new with ya.

It’s going down!! like ISIS in Iraq we continue to fight this spiritual warfare ….those waiting in the dark were busy following hunches.

It’s going down!!  now check the ongoing crisis…no payday for Dick Cheney? some are soon paying the price for supposedly free lunches.

I get free and stay free!!  I did the  number crunches when doing this math!! that  helped me keep up with the time.

The clock read 11:11 or 1:11 ….Morris Day or Flavor Flav’s clock were not needed to tell the Time.

O-Dizzle will rock!! plus naysayers like Blogster say O-Zone will misbehave with this good word.

What’s the dizzle? there’s spiritual significance in this operation… danger zone business gets handled during this critical stage of development;  you heard?


This Is How We Roll

The saga / struggle continues…it’s going down..check out how we roll with this.

It’s going down!! all aspects are covered… from Gemini season with twin tornadoes in Nebraska to the Summer Solstice.

It’s going down!! no disrespect..I’m  not lying to you!! there’s  no reason for the treason!! plus I’m not corny like corn from Nebraska or even Illinois.

..spotted on the way to St Louis on I-64 as I go forth… now like Washington Redskins trademarks some say contracts are  null and void.

Some plotted and schemed like Tea Party members acting brand new with this!!  now like Eric Cantor some will get played like busters and marks..I avoided those jokers.

Some plotted and schemed like Boko Haram or ISIS in Iraq..I avoided those jokers.

…plus I avoided those brokers like Bernie Madoff that were trying to sell an American dream.

…plus I avoided Edward Snowden types trying to tell me about an NSA / American scheme.

I wasn’t trying to roll like that!!  you’ll lose your soul like that!! but some said it’s seems simple.

…soon they’re wishing it was after they feel the buzz!! now some “holla at me” ..they’re heard saying what’s up cuz ? ..that’s when I pimp through.

Soon some are seeing how we do..this is how we roll..breakbeat scientific principles are followed..

Soon some are seeing how others do..seeing how they roll…diabolical like ISIS in Iraq…the doctrine was swallowed..