The Grand Scheme Of Things / Part Of A Bigger Plan

Using a fresh view and fresh vision…that’s the way I’m trying to look at things…

Seeing what it do..acting like I knew…it’s all part of a bigger plan…the grand scheme of things..

What’s up man? I’m trying to be a bigger man..ignoring all the riff raff..some are flipping out;  I understand some will scheme up on things…like the GOP with their so called clean debt ceiling plan..

I’m only  5/8 but I have the heart of a bigger man..avoiding frick and frack..apparatus representatives..fronting or swagging like Iran and their Nuclear Program..

Some still show hate…whatcha know man? I told them it was all part of a bigger plan…I was looking at the picture..

Some still show hate…whatcha know man? I might flip like Samuel L Jackson going off on Sam Rubin..all black guys look alike?  get it we do this..O-Dizzle has hook lines and his own beats while I bring this scripture…

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Its All Good (I Hate To Use Cliches)

Hate to use cliches…but I put things into perspective; its all good! 

Hate to use the plays another coach ran like Stan Van Gundy;  but understand this a bruh is all hood! 

Louisville / Newburg is embedded in me; so I govern myself accordingly! 

That’s the deal from the old school baptist preacher!!  or maybe Ricky Smiley / Ms Jenkins doing the church announcements; recognize where the border will be! 

Its all good!! even though I’m not in an orderly fashion…just  like Iran’s nuclear program… they said I didn’t act right!

Its all hood!! as I bump heads with thought and fashion police; as I holla back…I had to fight!

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Its All Good (I Hate To Use Cliches).

Clearance Rack Epiphanies / The Sale Is Still In Effect…

Check these clearance rack epiphanies; whats the  deal with these? the sale is still in effect!

As I steer this mothership through different galaxies / jurisdictions / seasons ; its not all sweet!! interference!! thats what I expect!

Scientific is how this brotha will get…but haters fear this like its a black planet; word from Public Enemy!

Whose near this? I’m caught in this moment of time; they weren’t checking for me!

That could be a good thing as I keep this hood thing going;  it got lonely out there but we kept on running!

Ms Peters the fourth grade teacher said you can’t trust to luck;  so some play it like Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrooks…they kept on gunning!

In the streets?  no rest for the crooks..they kept on gunning / jacking…jokers wearing the same outfit for a week!

Similar to Wall Street crooks  like Morgan Stanley and Facebook…brokers with the same suit on trying to get their loot on; the outlook is bleak!

From the streets to corporate corridors..haters said we’re crooks;  like The Space X Dragon we streak across the galaxy moving at a high velocity!

….But we had the speed you need; experiences will lead to this epiphany!

…true indeed ..please believe me!! things got ugly; actually they still are!

Let the healing process begin!! my people need to heal the physical mental and emotional scar!

Shady dealings like the Iran nuclear talks  made haters raise the bar; now you have to be an Olympian to pole vault it!

They even tried to play me!!  but I had these Random Thoughts plus I brought the Sonic Assault with it!

Clearance rack epiphanies are now caught with it or them at the last hour!

Given clearance for that and this by the Lord; on us blessings he will shower!

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Transcend and Transform (Concepts Revisited)

Winds of change are blowing;  some might quit like Newt Gingrich; so who will transcend and transform? 

Its the act of the greatest courage; but haters will try to discourage then try to apologize like Metta World Peace…or like that Marine who criticized Obama on Facebook..but its all leading to glitches in the were caught out there in the storm! 

Whose face to face with a crook? like TSA screeners at LAX…security was lax…now the dorm or palace is under attack!! the arch nemesis is on the premises; no justice no peace is the catch phrase!

Warm hearts turn cold; not affected by global politicians make empty promises; warning!!  peep the catch phrase! 

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