Putting Work In / Paying The Price / It’s Business As Usual (Part Three)

Sunday is usually a day of rest but circumstances that are debatable have us putting work in. 

Being built or torn down? paying the price, but like corporate greed fueling inflation  that’s business as usual here in Babylon!

But once again it’s on as we interrupt very briefly; per this pandemic that’s still here catch me still in quarantine/ living in the shadows / in isolation.

The mainstream of mathematics? it’s rough out there it’s overrun by fanatics! there’s a monster unleashed on the nation!

Actually the universe, local / national / international and intergalactic frontiers feeling the curse? but we’re maintaining, knowing the stress can double.

Good and evil collide / coincide like they have a peace treaty / compromise; double spirit trouble?

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What It Do? We Still Felt The Pressure (Part Five)

 What it do? another Monday morning has pulled up on us it’s a blessing / bonus but we still felt the pressure!

Trying to produce / get something done; once again it’s on as we interrupt very briefly we still felt the pressure!

Understand me as I broadcast live from a remote outpost out here off of I-20 in Atlanta!  some will but some won’t be able like old girl said! outlooks are bleak, some are dealing with irrational fears..

I mean really!! no progress was made; experiencing losing streaks as the situation went sideways; they were once  loud / boisterous!  like Cleveland?  Cavaliers!

Others getting ran off prime territory like Russia vs Ukraine or here in Atlanta down by Vine City and the Bluff due to gentrification down by the old Georgia Dome / Mercedes Benz Stadium! 

Check our conduct as we pull up after feeling the pressure; so ruff so tuff like  Zapp featuring Roger as we roam! we’re not playing!

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Tripping Out / Flipping Out (Part Six)

On this Monday morning? the saga / struggle continues!! I mentioned life is hectic earlier but now I’ll  smooth it out a little bit!!

I was tripping out earlier like I was on some kind of controlled substance but now I’m getting breakbeat scientific;  this is how I do it!! I’m not acting brand new with it..

Some spaz, they’re flipping out because the madness didn’t stop!! like Sunday morning they’re preaching to the choir  I know how it is, but I decided to take another route..

Catch me dipping out on I-20 in Atlanta my gateway to the universe! I’m trying to recuperate, charging my batteries!! now we holla atcha with these!! going all out!!

Sometimes tripping out, catch me West Coasting like previous episodes; just the Las Vegas Strip, now out in the Mojave Desert headed back to Los Angeles.

Clearing the chaos in my head, once bragging and boasting but damn! there’s always something! issues evanescent?

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