The Weather Forecast? Cloudy Weather

The weather forecaster mentioned partly cloudy skies with just a little sunshine.

Whatever said the naysayer!! he was  blasting us!!  assassinating characters like Ferguson authorities vs Michael Brown!! it seems society is done with mine.

NSA will data mine while data security is breached at  Home Depot and even JP Morgan Chase.

I kept my head to the sky per Earth Wind and Fire;  please!!  Mr Cole told me about the dog eat dog  / rat race.

What’s the case?  I’m one step ahead of the lies that are told!!  homie said  the truth hurts!! the cliche?  it is what it is.

What’s the case? I’m one step ahead of Hunger Games type stormtroopers!! the erase / alt shift delete strategy is in place!!  the war is on!!  some of us know what the deal is.

Who’s in my face?  it’s like the monsoon / floods in India / Pakistan!!  the hunger and thirst had them during this ongoing storm!! reminding me of  somebody miserable with dark clouds following them.

Who’s in my face? the hunger and thirst had them like dude bumming change at the Five Points MARTA Station in Atlanta!! we dealt with a flagrant agent representing the crowds; they’re  mad because I wasn’t following them.

I wasn’t allowing these so-called weather makers to bring their tropical storms in my vicinity.

I focused on the sunshine during this cloudy weather; I’m bearing witness to what divine intervention will do.

I’m going on with mine!! next level business is conducted but others were corrupted as the clouds blocked the Sun from shining!!

Tomorrow the Super Full Moon in Pisces will illuminate the crisis; so what’s up with it? during the cloudy weather some are flipping out like Jack Torrance in The Shining!!


Clearance Rack Epiphanies / Another End Of Summer Sale

The end of the summer approaches as I write this; damn!!  it’s time for this clearance sale.

The funky drummer O-Deezy coaches per the veteran status like Jason Kidd ; haters were like Andrei Kirilenko with the interference!!!  they’re hoping that a brother will fail.

Coaching per the veteran status like Derek Fisher!! in the ATL  smokers try to share the altered Swisher!!  but I’m beyond all of that

Were approaching Armageddon;  it’s going down from Russia firing rockets  into the Ukraine  to the Gaza Strip!! some jokers will flip!! the wisher or hoper said he can’t call all that.

So called preachers feel the pressure!! they might need to fall back after they were caught out there catching up on their pimping!!

Who’s trying to reach us?  we’re intergalactic just like  coronal mass ejections!! so it won’t be a simple thing.

Who’s trying to teach us? contributing to the information overload? otherwise check the  coronary heart disease   or maybe the 4 hour  mass erection from Viagra?

Who’s trying to reach us? advertisers place stipulations or detrimental information in the fine print; the outcome will stagger ya!!

But we will bring these clearance rack epiphanies to ya!!  check the end of summer sale.

We’re expecting interference from the apparatus and other flagrant agents!!  you know they’re hoping that we fail.

We sail into the galaxy like a Perseid Meteor Shower while others fake it; when they see me their attitude is sour!! it’s  like they’re mad at the world and I had something to do with it…

Check out what the style will be; these are no Hunger Games where we have to compete with them!! we just drop these clearance rack epiphanies on them!! soon they’ll act brand new with it!!