What’s Really Going On? Per My Blog’s Name..

Marvin Gaye asked the question back in the day;  Whats Going On?

He even declared Right On!!  but its a new day; how did some play?  like France in Mali..they’re even second guessing;  so whats really going on?

That’s even the name of this website…like the mass hysteria in Syria…the web was tight around the masses!

It’s all game!!  word to those looking for answers..so we try to get it right….O-Dizzle is conducting funk seminars and classes!

Another prays and fasts…hoping Hugo Chavez is well…some have a lot to tell..they give us the revelations!

Another says its going down like this!!  another says it going down like that !!  then some get a surprise like the Ravens beating the Broncos..but you know how it goes….knowledge was lost in translations!

Whats really going on? the mothership has landed on earth…but I dipped down I-20 in Atlanta in the hooptie…listening to Rockers International on 89.3… modes of transportation varied during the ongoing transition!

Whats really going on? some acted irrational…they were out of order….those injured or inflicted soon projected their condition!

Whats really going on? ships sink like the Costa Concordia…what was the reason for the treason?  so-called facts contradict  the truth!

Like Oakland the danger zone is occupied!!  funky tracks?  O-Dizzle kicked them!!  O-Zone carried the Sword of Truth!

Whats really going on? some faked the funk  but reality provided proof…its like this and like that!

….Another said it is what it is!!  so we can’t really fight that!

The Saga / Uphill Struggle Continues

The saga / uphill struggle continues like the goat climbing to the top of the mountain! 

Capricorn season...even stelliums are going down as I write these quotes!! plus O-Dizzle brings the sound..once again! 

Once again we interrupt very briefly; stalking Garnett like Anthony;  making jokers put up or shut up!! some jokers weren’t doing anything anyway! 

So whats up? they were up in Louisville standing around on that same corner;  plotting and scheming on somebody to play!

Tall weeds grow around them….they’ll probably cut them; then get some Zig Zagsroll them up and burn them! 

True indeed!! they might go get some Mr. Miyagi or some other synthetic marijuana to mix with it;  or maybe bath salts!! lessons?  they learn them!

Check out the rest of this article at….THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: The Saga / Uphill Struggle Continues.

Mad At The World / In Conflict With The World

I was peeping game…checked the attitude…like people buying gas in California…. some of these jokers seem like their mad at the world!

But I wasn’t sleeping ….check the attitude..work is put in…not fumbling like Mike Vick is.. check this breakbeat science I’m kicking to the world!

….based on being in conflict with the world.. sometimes it feels like I’m standing alone against it!

But I suddenly feel like a giant!!  now stepping over all the pain and anguish!

Noticing how strange it is….being subject to the authority; but some say its like Venezuela with Hugo Chavez …..under the reign of corruption!

All up in the spot surrounded by the yellow tape; supposedly the site is under construction!

Meanwhile some are in conflict with this world..mad at it;  outraged by the destruction!

Check the Total Chaos…some are in a state of despair and turmoil;  meanwhile we plant seeds in fertile soil..that’s whats up son!

Taking a loss?  firing on the police like Jonathan Bun or going off like James Holmes in Colorado?

Taking a loss…the police said stay on point when visiting Detroit…jokers are  mad at the world;  needing to contact the heavenly father!

…..especially after the drama unfurled..more than global warming was making things hotter!

Some talk tough like Mitt Romney…but aren’t going to do anything..not knowing all the details…especially when the seat gets hotter…


A weird energy is floating around; like the stock market and the economy there’s a lot of uncertainty!

A weird entity because I rock the blue-collar style and nobody will work with me?

What’s the deal? …They’re usually not checking for me;  but I realize that could be a good thing!

I took it back to my Roots like Alex Haley ; this is a hood thing!

This is a good thing we bring check;  this good word plus the brand new funk!

It’s not a knock on wood thing!!  the elementary teacher said we can’t trust to luck;  its like the NBA all-star game…were in the contest with a brand new dunk!

Gamblers were out for a fast buck;  said its elementary like Sherlock Holmes told Watson; whose phat and all that? acting brand new but eventually they shrunk!

The uncertainty hit them; earlier they were down here in the ATL getting crunk!

Whats the deally? 100 degrees in the ATL and little homie and them were rocking hoodies!

Standing in front of Hugo Chavez’s Citgo station over in Decatur..said they had the goodies.

Took OutKast ,Goodie Mobs and the Dungeon Family’s advice; out here trying to get something!

Facing uncertainty;  the saga struggle continues. .there’ll always be something!