I Wasn’t Trying To Hear It..

 Whats really going on?  I peeped game…like checking for the internet doomsday..also  like the doctor taking the pulse of a patient!

Plus like the House passing the cyber security bill…these danger zone residents were moving in slow motion like the BCS;  I was told to be patient!

But flagrant fouls were committed when I tried to drive to the hoop;  like I was playing against Metta World Peace!

Whats really going on?  some fake it!!  sounding like politicians…talking slick with silver tongues…who succumbs?  finding out there’s no justice and no peace!

Please!!  game recognizes game…I wasnt trying to hear that mess they were talking!

Peeping game;  spotted dude pimping through Lenox Mall in Atlanta in the Stacy Adams kicks… just got out of the Cadillac Sedan Deville;  said he was a player but the ladies? he was just stalking!

Balking on the mound ….not really pitching;  whats the deal?  now wishing it was a simple thing….now  the runners on base will advance!

Chalking it up to experience;  po po white chalking and crime scene taping…but I’m not trying to hear this; Im trying to advance!

Walking up through the streets of Atlanta with these clearance rack epiphanies in the Swiss Gear backpack..check the math I bring….the good word? I have a whole sack full…

Snitches were talking up a storm…they just had to run and tell it!!!….interference with this breakbeat science business was a haters mission…but I wasn’t trying to make an impression…I was just hunting and gathering….putting work in blue-collar style!! manual labor until my back pulls…

Once off track when a haters pulls a caper..its tight in these hoods…jokers were talking slick…but I wasn’t trying to hear that…

Now I’m back on track…making a comeback like Tiger Woods….but spiritual warfare continues to go down…but I’m not trying to fear that!!