Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday; it’s going down, so who’ll work with me?

It’s also a Thankful Thursday, it’s a blessing to be here taking it there!! blue collar is how the work will be..

The last post mentioned Sweat No Sleep per Atjazz and Mark DeClive- Lowe now check the work flow..

Not dropping out like Mike Bloomberg or Elizabeth Warren, in this ongoing spiritual warfare this dude from Louisville / Newburg will  spaz / keep warring!! we’re going for what we know..

Hip hopping, jazz funking now we’re disco / housing the masses check the flow!! we’re listening to NU DISCO FUNK DISCOTEQUE VOL. 2 MIX BY STEFANO DJ STONEANGELS 

Not quiting / stopping!! check out the playlist and the mix as we continue to get breakbeat scientific working these angles..


1 – Joan bibiloni band – the boogie

2 – Hotmood – Don’t Brake It

3 – Elaine & Ellen – Fill Me Up

4 – Those Guys From Athens – Love Explosion

5 – Andy Bach – Feel Free

6 – Seamus Haji, Those Guys – I Walk Alone

7 – Jimmy Ross – Fall Into A Trance

8 – DJ Mark Brickman – One Night in Miami

9 – Tasha Thomas – You Put The Music In Me

10 – Phyllis Hyman – Heavently


Funky Mix 2020 – Dj XS Funky Vibes Hottest Hip Hop, House & Disco Mix February 2020

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the HumpDay Extravaganza!! we’re also in the midst of the O-Dog Day Party..

We’re partying with a purpose, we saw how the shady we’re trying to work this like Trump and Barr with the so called Department of Justice; why did they start with me?

It’s not Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday but I reflect on past episodes up in Louisville at the so called Hall of Justice,  Mitch McConnell and his crew in Jefferson County tried to bust us, years later the same scenario?

Bloomberg stop and frisk tactics?  tsk tsk rsk as we drop these mathematics letting my people “know how it go”

From Louisville / Newburg to here in Atlanta; from Oakland to Lagos and Johannesburg we drop this good word and the sound..

What’s the deal? we’re O-Dog Day Partying with this Funky Mix 2020 – Dj XS Funky Vibes Hottest Hip Hop, House & Disco Mix February 2020; this is a special edition I usually post this at The Sonic Assault: check out the playlist and the mix to see how we get down!!

1. Greg Nice – Set It Off (Second Hand Audio Remix)

2. Timewarp Inc. – Liberty is Our Destiny

3. Innereyfull feat Kurnel MC – Music Is Alive

4. Synthia – Dissolve

5. Dice NZ – I Wanna Know

6. Q T – Breathe & Stop (Soulboss Soulbounce Remix)

7. Flamingo Pier – Tripping Up

8. Sunset City – Feels So Right

9. JMMSTR – You Took

10. Sunner Soul – Do It for My Brother

11. Funk Edwards – I Need Somebody

12. Wurzeholz – Ze Roberto

13. Hotmood – Ayaaa

14. Chew Fu, Bootsy Collins feat Rev Al Sharpton – JB’s the Man

15. GLBDOM – Unfuckwithable

16. Mark Brickman – Again & Again

17. Monsieur Van Pratt – Clavs and Trumpet

18. HP Vince – Groove This Way

19. The Funk District – Stuck on the Line

20. HP Vince – Do What You Do

21. Massey – Two 2 Tango

22. Funk Edwards – Walking Down the Street (Dj XS Original Remix)

23. Get Down Edits – Coming At Ya

24. Redsoul – God Is Gonna

25. Alex Soltirov – Heat in Me

26. Funk Edwards – Deeper Love

27. Michael Gray – Brother Brother

28. Dead Horse Beats – Never Too Late

29. Batunga & The Subprimes – Gates of Ouantou

30. Respons – Hate Me


Funk Mix 2020 – Dj XS Funky Vibes Monthly Mixtape (Hip Hop, Soul, House and Disco Jams )

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday / Fabulous Friday combination…

The saga / struggle continues; life goes on, so once again it’s on!! we choose to rock the nation..

..actually the universe as we try to reverse the curse, it’s rough out here so we’ll pray and curse so you’ll have to excuse the dude..

When worst comes to worst my people come first per Dilated Peoples; rest in peace / rest in power to Nitt Pitino he was my peoples!! now check the attitude.

Shrewd or lewd when dropping this good word and sound on my peoples? listening to this Funk Mix 2020 – Dj XS Funky Vibes Monthly Mixtape (Hip Hop, Soul, House and Disco Jams )..

It’s courtesy of Funky Vibes UK; from London to here in Atlanta the music will play!! check out the playlist and the jams!!

Check this out at Funk Mix 2020 – Dj XS Funky Vibes Monthly Mixtape (Hip Hop, Soul, House and Disco Jams )

Dj XS Funky Vibes Mixtape – Funky Hip Hop, Breaks & Disco Mix October Selection

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday; might as well say that it’s the weekend baby!!

Some chefs prepare menus and meals per a New Music Friday platform; my response? let the music play, baby!

The saga / struggle continues as a dude deals this winning hand; Sonic Assaults are unleashed after my constituents beseeched..

The saga / struggle continues, not rude  like Donald Trump, no attitude caught!! some say that’ll get you impeached.. 

The saga / struggle continues!! tires screeched, beats bump as we moved down I-20 in Atlanta listening to this Dj XS Funky Vibes Mixtape – Funky Hip Hop, Breaks & Disco Mix October Selection

It’s courtesy of Funky Vibes UK as we get funky from the ATL to the UK and all points in between!! setting this O-Dog Day Party off early, so who’ll work with me? check the playlist and the funky selections!!

Dj XS Funky Vibes Mixtape October Selection Tracklist

1. Alexander Norman ft Dynamite MC – Flamingo

2. Hipsta & Kurnel MC – Too Late

3. Jungle Brown – Keep it Movin’

4. SoulBrigada – Do You Thang

5. Second Hand Audio feat Q.Tip & Busta Rhymes – For the Nasty

6. The Rebel feat Illspokinn – The Sculptor

7. Showtime & Badboe – You Have it Hot

8. Dj Tron – The LH Body Rock

9. Dj Moneyshot – Back Pumps

10. The Allergies – Nuff Respect

11. Mary Franklin – Bad Bad Woman (Sonic Funk Foundry Rework)

12. Kapote – Jaas Func Haus (Art of Tones Remix)

13. Hotmood – I Like the Way You Move

14. Rafael Cancian – C’Est La Douceur

15. Osibiza – Like It Is (V’s Edit)

16. The Velvet Stripes – Rumba, Samba, Rambo

17. Curtis Scott – Right Time

18. T Connection – Do What You Wanna Do (Moplen Rollercoaster Dub)

19. Sauco & Manuel Costela – Are We Ready?

20. RocknRolla Soundsytem – Everybody Wants to Be

21. Heaven – The Vision (SanFranDisko Re-Rub)

22. The Traffic – Harder Better Faster Stronger

23. The Third Degree – Mercy (Smoove Remix)

Check this out at

Can U Feel My House?

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what we refer to as a Flashback Friday, but “y’all should know how I play”

Retro-futuristic with it, multi- dimensional pay attention bro!! science is dropped as we let the music play!

Answering the question some asked, wondering how we’ll play; like Democrats and the impeachment of Trump?

Hope they weren’t waiting on Robert Mueller to help them, meanwhile we’re using these mathematics to tell those and them!!  dropping this good word and beats that bump!!

Not acting brand new with ya, that’s not how I do bro!!  I’m like DJ Grooveasking the question; Can U Feel My House?

We’re setting this O-Dog Day Party off early, so who’ll work with me? check the playlist and the mix we’re all up in the house!!


01) (00:00) Andre Espeut, Situation – What Is Going On (Andromeda Orchestra)
02) (05:33) HP Vince – Let’s Get It On
03) (11:52) Mark Lower – Do What You Want
04) (17:27) Brothers in Arts – Shenron Wish
05) (20:53) Simon Pagliari, Alessandro Schiffer – Waki
06) (26:54) Munky Fike – Dance In Rio
07) (34:52) Hotmood – Kriola
08) (38:59) Sebb Junior – My Babe
09) (42:41) CN Williams – Tonights The Night
10) (48:15) Vigi – Together
11) (54:04) Villes Wax – Hot Dance
12) (59:46) Liv East, Sticks & Stonez feat. Dave Giles II – You’re My (Dave + Sam Extended Doubles)
13) (1:06:25) RobJamWeb – A Disco In Detroit (Strings of Life)
14) (1:11:41) Crystal Waters – Gypsy Woman (Jet Boot Jack)
15) (1:17:45) Black Science Orchestra – New Jersey Deep

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