Oh! We Were Just Letting Them Know: This Is How We Get Down

As we proceed and continue; I saw the question marks over their heads like this was the Sunday Comics in the Sunday Edition of your newspaper; but This Is How We Get Down!!! Get Down!!

Scientific like Orion Spacecraft!!  but Breakbeat science is on the menu; Similar to the O-Dog Podcast  / This Is How It’s Going Down!!!

Spaced out when we bring this math? well, somewhat!! O-Dog is throwing down as we unleash the Sonic Assault!!

Steady Bombardment Of The Enemy Position is the motto!! per Ferguson workings and NYC chokeholds this is the response to the hell that’s caught!!

O-Zone? check out how I work things!! unbought and unbossed like Hosea Williams from the Civil Rights Movement!!

Whatcha on? that’s what they ask me!!  there’s spiritual significance in this operation!! we use the sound to start a movement!!

Whatcha on? Groove to it!! or you can multi-task!! maybe you can use it to reflect!!

Do The Knowledge!!  at the end of the day?  it’s like dude on I-285 in Atlanta with the in God We Trust bumper sticker on the back of the Subaru Outback that tried to run me off the road and then flipped the bird!! it’s a contradiction!! this system will disrespect…

But what can you expect? respect per the constitution and in God We Trust on the dollar ? man please!!   but we still proceed and continue!!

We’re hitting you up with the sound!!  what’s the deal? the funk is on the menu!!

As we come through!!  trying to survive the Smoke and Mirrors Show!!

Waiting on the smoke to clear!  soon these brothas will go for what we know!!


It’s Like This!! It’s Like This It’s Like This!!

It’s going down!! these  revelations are biblical…the cliche? it will be it is what it is.

That’s the catch phrase / cliché ….these days? unlike Israel vs Hamas cycles are broken..or maybe like Germany winning the World Cup…what’s up? I don’t play!!  this brotha is serious.

This world is corrupt..but this is another phase; check the next level business…it’s going down like this!!

These days?  like Vladimir Putin at the World Cup I’m usually chilling out….I’m in Savannah on the Seaboard as I write this.

But I continue to fight this; what?  spiritual warfare!! damn!! like I said!! I was cooling out but I was drawn back into battle.

The light is shining on those waiting in the dark;  meanwhile I’m dipping down I-95 in the mothership listening to intergalactic funk;  speakers in the trunk rattle.

Just like the donks, boxes and bubbles I spotted rolling over on Tybee Island…just like the ocean smell from the Seaboard the funk stinks!! then a fanatic said it’s like my personality.

Getting crunk per ATLiens? naw!! I’m an outside the box type of brotha…brink of disaster scenarios were acknowledged when I did the knowledge!! damn!!  clones try to get foul with me.

Drones try to dial me up in the program or settings; damn!!  my kind are on the list.

In these danger zones? drop down menus from the toolbar will give slow learners the gist.

Fog and mist were on the menus last year in San Francisco per  Grey Area / Bay Area Scenarios.

O-Dog reflects on Spanish Moss hanging from oak trees in Savannah’s Forsyth Park ; checking out the scenarios.

O-Dog reflects on ATL floss and front scenarios per these wannabe macks and divas  while Hosea Williams marched through Forsyth County back in the day.

Some fail to do the mathematics;  they’ll take a loss when the arch nemesis is on the premises …back in the way.