Horatio Luna – Yes Doctor

Sunday Jazz Continues!! you’ll have to excuse us but we’re putting it down like this!!

Coronavirus pandemic? they’ve got us sheltering in place / social distancing; lose us if you’re out here putting it down contributing to the confusion /  this madness!!

Others didn’t surprise us with that “re-opening the country” talk, with a vaccine or not per Trump!! these capitalists aren’t worried about collateral damage..

The pursuit of the prize is their main focus; per this Sunday Jazz? catch us listening to War with  City Country City not fooling with the bogus beats will bump; O-Dizzle will do damage..

What’s the dizzle? still listening to some more of this Horatio Luna with a track called  Yes Doctor!!

Check out the players and the track; somebody asked if there was a doctor in the house?  yes!! and he’ll rock for ya!!

Horatio Luna – The Wake Up

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Saturday afternoon, your dude was O-Dog Day Partying earlier but I’ve got other work to do..

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on; ha!! y’all knew I would say that sounding like a broken record / the vinyl skipping!! y’all should know what it do!!

Pulling up / falling through in the midst of this coronavirus pandemic still doing the knowledge, it’s academic..

Pulling up / falling through, getting the gist of this? surprising some as I settle in while sheltering in place / social distancing per CDC guidelines while in this race; can I kick it?

…yes!! yes  you can was the response from the universe, but excuse me as I pray and curse per being human and not following all the guidelines;  still blessed even though unworthy…

Blessed by the activists per doing the knowledge; told to stay woke , reflected by beats and English that are broke; who’ll work with me?

Breakbeat scientific with it, listening to Horatio Luna with a track called The Wake Up..

With the ongoing drama? that’s what this moment in time is that we’re caught up in a critical stage of development, time for us all to wake up!! we’re putting this sound down from Melbourne Australia to Atlanta!! somebody will understand a brotha when I tell them that time for the fake is up..

Horatio Luna – Hero

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday, but who’ll work with me as I get retro-futuristic?

The saga / struggle continues as I take it back to the future, time traveling / mystery unraveling, so who’s with it? 

Some fools might have missed it as history unravels in front of us like these Trump impeachment proceedings..

Some schools missed it!! now the gavel strikes during these GM strikesso O-Dizzle strikes with beats that bump and O-Zone will teach it / preach it; reaping benefits from the Harvest Full Moon that was in Pisces;  per the spring crisis seedings..

At the moment? checking out these future jazz / house music / broken beat proceedings from Horatio Luna with a track called Hero

This is from his Cultural Warriors project, this culture warrior will not object; ignoring the cancel culture , enjoying this Moodymann- ish vibe!! acting like I knew bro!!

Whatcha know? it’s going down from Australia, the land down under to here in Atlanta..

Whatcha know? putting it down, rebuking the failure peeping game seeing what the next story will tell ya!! somebody will understand a brotha!!

Check this out at https://omanxl1.blogspot.com/2019/10/horatio-luna-hero.html