Das Efx Ft. Mobb Deep- Microphone Master (Sewa/41 St. Side Remix)

Saturday Night Fever is here!! check out the format as Digital Crate Digging Continues…

Holla at me!! a non believer walked on some like a floormat!! damn!! the saga / struggle continues!!

Holla at me!! soul music / house music and disco are usually the format but I take it back to my roots..

Listening to some 90’s hip hop, you don’t quit / you don’t stop!! per this spiritual warfare? on the ground there’ll be boots..

I take it back to my roots!! you don’t quit / you don’t stop!! we’re listening to Das Efx Ft. Mobb Deep with Microphone Master  (Sewa/41 St. Side Remix)

My peeps were in cahoots!! R.I.P. Prodigy, maybe somebody will understand me; breakbeat science I kick..


Funk London 2017 – Dj XS ‘Sound of Summer’ Funk Mix #2 – 100% Funked Hip Hop, Soul & Disco Vibes

Digital Crate Digging Continues on Music Monday!!  pump up the volume / pump up the jam..

Digital? analog? I’m digging all those sounds!! the saga / struggle continues!! this dude will jam…

Being caught up in a jam led to me being caught up in the jam / mix as I try to get my mind right..

Damn! Damn! Damn!! like Florida from Good Times!! that’s what we’ll say!! just trying to get my mind right..

Damn! Damn! Damn!!  trying to pull good crimes? that’s Plan Z business!! I’m chilling out listening to  Funk London 2017 – Dj XS ‘Sound of Summer’ Funk Mix #2 – 100% Funked Hip Hop, Soul & Disco Vibes

Damn! Damn! Damn!! the drama’s even in London so how are we responding?  check out the playlist and the mix as we get caught up in the mix listening to these funked Hip Hop, Soul and Disco Vibes

Funk Mix 2017 Tracklist – London Summer Funk 2017

1. Tom Misch – The Journey
2. Dynas – The Apartment (XS Edit) (3:36)
3. A Tribe Called Quest – Pad & Pen (feat. D-Life) (7:02)
4. Gyvus vs Pharcyde – Lemon Tree (Dj XS Edit) (9:23)
5. Ice Cube – You Know How We Do It (XS Edit) (13:25)
6. Warren G – This D.J. (feat. O.G.L.B.) (15:56)
7. One Self – Bluebird (DJ XS Edit) (17:58)
8. Tim Deluxe – Love Is (Dj XS Edit) (21:05)
9. L’Entourloop – Madder Than Dat (feat. Ruffian Rugged) (24:08)
10. MR Scruff – Jus Jus (feat Roots Manuva) (27:06)
11. Sons of Time – In Control (28:38)
12. Funkanizer vs Nas – Gone Baby Blues (Dj XS Edit) (30:48)
13. Margaret Singana – Why Did You Do It (Dj XS Edit) (34:37)
14. Anderson Paak – Celebrate (DJ XS Edit) (38:46)
15. Dedy Dread vs J5 – Hold on to (41:09)
16. Ohmega Watts – That Sound (Quantic Soul Orchestra Version) (42:35)
17. RocknRolla Soundsytem – Going Back To Cali (Original Mix) (44:28)
18. Rare Cuts – I Didnt Take (50:00)
19. Gayle Adams – Lets Go All the Way (Dj XS Edit) (56:09)
20. Morris Day & The Time – Get Up (Dj XS Edit) (1:01:25)
21. Dayton – The Sound Of Music (PLUV Edit) (1:06:41)
22. Oby Onyioha – Enjoy Your Life (John Mork Beefy Edit) (1:09:44)
23. Joey Negro – Stomp Your Feet (Hot Toddy remix) (1:15:04)
24. Rebel MC – Just Keep Rockin [Copycat Re-take] (1:21:56)
25. Cordycep – A Cure (1:24:15)
26. Claudja Barry – Sweet Dynamite (Todd Terje Edit) (1:29:34)
27. Osaka Monaurail – Fruit Basket (1:35:26)
28. Osaka Monaurail – Jam 1976 (Live) (1:39:50)

Wu-Tang Clan – Killa Tape [Mixtape 2017]

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Terrible / Terrific Tuesday, with the outcome determined by the pespective!!

Digital? analog? who’s digging the episodes as the saga / struggle continues? the outcome determined by the positive or negative?

How were we trying to live? past episodes pondered / opportunities squandered? please!! live and learn was the movement…

How were we trying to live? in breakbeat scientific modes we responded!! it’s not Throwback Thursday but we study the  Wu-Tang Clan movement…

Checking out the and the Wu-Tang Clan  Killa Tape [Mixtape 2017]  matt f   showed and proved with it!!  check out the playlist and the mix…

The whole crew is representing!!  Method Man, Masta Killa, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah , RZA, Inspectah Deck and ODB!! it’s going down like this!!
00:00 Raekwon – State Of Grace prod. RZA
03:00 Wu-Tang Clan – Conditioner [GZAs Second Part]
04:30 Masta Killa – The Day After
07:01 Gravediggaz – 1-800 Suicide feat. Blue Raspberry (RZA’s Poisonous Remix)
11:29 ODB – Suave Dirt
15:35 Killa Sin & Inspectah Deck – Tony Touch Freestyle
19:09 Ghostface Killah – Drummer feat. Streetlife, Method Man & Trife Da God
21:45 U-God – Line’Em Up Freestyle
25:50 Wu-Tang Clan – Clap
29:33 Raekwon – Run Away feat. Ghostface Killah, GZA, Inspectah Deck & Method Man
33:40 Raekwon – Wu-Crime feat. GZA & Killah Priest
36:31 La The Darkman – Polluted Wisdom prod. RZA
41:47 RZA – Never

I do not own any rights. All rights are reserved for the labels and artists.

Miles Davis – The Doo Bop Song

Sunday Jazz Continues!! We’re checking out this classic jazzhop track from   Miles Davis ‎called The  Doo Bop Song!! This song is featuring hip hop stylings from  A.B. Money, Easy Mo Bee, and J.R.

This is from the Miles Davis Doo Bop album from 1992. Check it out!!

Re-Vision: A Trip Hop, Funk & Hip Hop Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the HumpDay Extravaganza! We’re tripping out on this Re-Vision: A Trip Hop, Funk & Hip Hop Mix courtesy of Confused Bi-Product of a Misinformed Culture.  Check out the playlist and the mix!!


0:00 – Red Room – Nuclear Device
02:08 – Archive Mind – Emerging False Dawn
03:31 – Armoteque – Early Morning
05:44 – Broken Drop – Alpha
07:14 – Davidge – Riot Picture
10:38 – Bonobo – Pick Up
11:57 – Agent 5.1 – Los Alamos Waltz
14:02 – Purge + audit – Nostalgia
16:00 – Gramatik – Walkin’ Down the Street
17:40 – Aceyalone – Can’t Hold Back Feat. Treasure Davis
20:41 Ruckus Roboticus – Here We Go
21:44 – Necro – Creepy Crawl Feat. Charles Manson
23:34 – Frenic – Deathless Audio
26:58 – The Fading Collection – Quiet Amplifier
30:03 – Slowhill – Yesterday Star
32:55 – Third Person Lurkin – Glide By Night
36:09 – Gold Lounge – Close Your Eyes
40:00 – Glen Porter – Ask Her Nicely and She’ll Show You The Scars

Talib Kweli & Styles P – Last Ones (Official Video)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I call Terrible / Terrific Tuesday!! What’s the perspective, positive or negative? Maybe this true school hip hop from Talib Kweli and  Styles P with a track called  Last Ones (Official Video) will help you get your mind right. Check it out!!

J Dilla – So Far To Go (feat. Common and D’Angelo)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per The Saturday Night Fever!! We’re listening to some J Dilla with a track called  So Far To Go (feat. Common and D’Angelo).

For those who want to vibe on the instrumental I have it here!! Check them both out: Let’s Go!!

Snares – Instrumental Hip Hop • Boom Bap Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Music Monday!! We’re listening to Snares with an  Instrumental Hip Hop • Boom Bap Mix, courtesy of  Chillhop Music. Check out the playlist and the mix!!    

▬ Tracklist ▬
0:00 Snares – Ninteythree
2:44 Snares – Abuse
5:14 Snares – Acid Dream
7:18 Snares – Mirroring
10:10 Snares – Security
13:02 Snares – Truthahn
14:39 Snares – Rap Scholars w/ Saito
18:18 Snares – Circuit
20:49 Snares – hombres rockit
22:53 Snares – Schlangenhaut
26:19 Snares – Grapes
28:56 Snares – Heaven Strings
31:58 Snares – Hood Saviour
35:12 Snares – Sharp
38:38 Snares – Cosmic Velocity
42:06 Snares – Totem
44:57 Snares – Move Ya
47:32 Snares – Thunder
50:33 Snares – Sumpfkraut
54:15 Snares – Anneliese
57:41 Snares – Spaceyshit