It’s All Jacked Up

So what’s really going on?  check out the Total Chaos..please!! it seems things are all jacked up!

I kept it moving though..please!!  moving targets are hard to hit!!  but Target’s server  got hacked up!

Some jokers were targets..they macked up in this piece!! they were  in the ATL dipping in Dodge Chargers!

….Or maybe Chrysler 300s..meanwhile O-Zone will keep it 100!!  to the game?  I’ll charge this!

Check out the crisis…who started this? Mohamad Morsy  was asking that the Sonic Assault   I mentioned questions answer themselves…

We’re due a rebate…paying the high prices….but in Pennsylvania that Theraflu aka herion and  fentanyl was taking jokers out…giving cancer to themselves?

Jokers were showing hate..they’ll try to sabotage your operations…then complain about the State of The Union per Obama

Broken beats and English is the essence of this discipline…so how are you living? please!! it’s all jacked up!! from the ATL to Louisville / Newburg ..from Pluto / Mars to Charlotte Mecklenburg we deal with the drama..

Broken hearts and spirits were a barometer…it’s all jacked some slacked up..they were pessimistic per a NBC / WSJ poll..

Who started it? please!! I guess it’s up to these breakbeat scientists to come up with a solution…now check out how we roll…

Life is a marathon..we kept on running…one step ahead of those that were sick with it like on the Royal Carribean cruise ship..

This is what were on…we kept gunning like Kevin Durant…check out how we kick it..this is the by product from cruising in the mothership…